Baby Number Five Turns 5

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My 5th baby turned 5 this week. How crazy is that?Emily is 5

Five is always an emotional birthday for me- school age feels like such a giant leap from toddler and preschooler.Emily is 5

This is my baby girl, and here she is 5 years old! Where is the toddler clinging to my leg? The preschooler who needed help getting dressed each morning and evening?


Also gone is my toddler terrorist. This girl… she is still fiery. But with that fire comes a glow you can’t ignore. Her smile- it’s contagious and it is nearly constant (unless she’s screaming).

Emily is 5

So brave… because why wouldn’t she be?

She has confidence that comes from being number 5.  A big sibling always has her back. Someone is always either leading the charge or cheering her on. She never questions someone catching her if she falls, or encouraging her when she fails. Emily is 5

5 looks good on you sweet girl. It’s going to be a wonderful year!Emily is 5


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  1. Wow! Sweet (and fiery) Emily! I love how you describe her. I describe Natalie much the same way. Feisty! And always, smiley (unless she’s mad!) and then right back to smiley.

  2. It’s so awesome and hard watching the youngest get older. Seeing the person they are becoming is bittersweet watching the baby they were fade away.

  3. My youngest is 5 and my oldest is 21 so I totally understand how it feels when your little ones get older. Seeing those babies grow is bittersweet but she sure does look happy!!
    Hope your little one had an amazing day 🙂

  4. My little guy is 5 too. As we approach the end of preschool and will enter kindergarten in the fall, I feel nostalgic but proud at the same time. They are growing up and booming confident people!

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