Virtually Guilt-free Snacking with Liberté® Méditerranée Yogurt {Giveaway}

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My family hits the ground running in the morning. All six kids are ready to go as soon as they open their eyes. I, however, start slow.

Between the rush of morning- breakfast for the crew, helping the little ones get dressed, chores, the beginning of the school day- I often realize around 10:30 {when I’ve finally really woken up} that I haven’t eaten my own breakfast.

Most days it’s the middle of school, and everyone is settled into a spot with their school notebooks or an activity. It’s a goood time to sneak away to grab my breakfast. But, if I spend more than just a minute in the kitchen I’m sure to start hearing, “Mom, I need help!” from the school area…or on a rough day I’ll hear the crash of the toddler pulling books off of shelves, or a fight will break out between the little girls.

Breakfast has to be something I can prepare quickly, and eat on the go. That’s where my go-to breakfast comes in ~ a yogurt parfait. I can whip it up in just a second and then eat it in the school area while making my rounds teaching and helping the kids.

I just discovered Liberté®Méditerranée yogurt at Publix. It’s my new favorite! They have some many flavors to choose from, more than just the average strawberry and blueberry!

On a good day I might add Add diced strawberries, banana and/or granola to my Liberté®Méditerranée yogurt.Virtually Guilt-Free Snacking {or breakfast} with Liberté® Méditerranée yogurt. What's your #yogurtperfection?

When the morning has already been rough: school battles, toddler messes, fighting siblings, etc. I decide to call my 10:30 meal a snack rather than breakfast. Because a snack can be a sweet treat, right? I figure yogurt is good for me, so I can splurge a little on some great stir-ins. With Liberté® Méditerranée yogurt’s decadent flavor it really feels like a treat.

My current favorites are Méditerranée Lemon with granola and dark chocolate chips, Méditerranée French Vanilla with mini M&Ms,  Méditerranée Cappuccino with mini chocolate chip cookies, and  Méditerranée Caramel with crushed Oreos.Virtually Guilt-Free Snacking {or breakfast} with Liberté® Méditerranée yogurt. What's your #yogurtperfection?

A snack like this gets my rough day back on track. A little chocolate can go a long way to healing my mood. Morning chocolate just makes me a better mother and teacher! ~that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Virtually Guilt-Free Snacking {or breakfast} with Liberté® Méditerranée yogurt. What's your #yogurtperfection?

I picked up my Liberté® Méditerranée yogurt on sale at Publix plus I used this coupon for even more savings.  I literally cleaned out my Publix’s shelves, so you better hurry if you live in my town! I’m going back for more!

What's your #yogurtperfection? Check out thiese great ideas for virtually guilt-free snacking with Liberté® Méditerranée yogurt and yummy stir-ins. Enter to win $15 Paypal Cash too!

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