Sibling Christmas

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Last week, we had an amazing time celebrating Christmas with Rob’s siblings and their families.  Since there are so many grandchildren we separate Christmas into two events on his side of the family.  First we have ‘Sibling Christmas.’ During this time we gorge ourselves on incredible food and exchange presents between the siblings and their children.  Later, on Christmas Eve and Day, each family takes turns celebrating individually with Gramma and Gramps.

The first 6 grandkids were born in less than 2.5 years, so those first Christmases were CRAZY.  Every get together was a whirlwind of chasing toddlers and passing babies.  In those early years we had fun, but we were busy.  All the kids were underfoot; adult interaction was difficult.  These days, even though there are 12 grandchildren, our parties are much more relaxed for the grown ups.  The kids scatter and play so well together, and usually only the few remaining toddlers hang out with the adults.  Gramps thought we might have forgotten Michael this time, because he disappeared upstairs to his cousins as soon as we entered the house and didn’t come down until forced to eat dinner.

We are beyond blessed with the relationships in our family; for me, watching how the kids love each other is the highlight of every family gathering.

Tonight we drop off the 4 older kids for a sleepover at Gramma’s– the brave grandparents are hosting 11 of the grandkids overnight.  We probably better bring coffee for Gramma and Gramps at pickup tomorrow!

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