Nine-tastic Rebekah

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Rebekah turned 9 years old this week!  I’m not sure when I blinked and my tiny thumb-sucking toddler turned into this tender-hearted girl.

She's 9

For her birthday outing, the kids and I spent the day at the Charlotte Nature Museum.  I packed 6 kids and 4 cameras into the car for the day.  I took photos of the kids, and the kids took photos of all the animals and butterflies.  We were quite comical- this pack of kids taking nearly identical photos of every single animal they passed while their crazy Momma took photos of them taking photos while also holding a baby, chasing a toddler, and pushing a stroller piled with multiple camera bags, a diaper bag and a million coats.

Nature Museum

I definitely counted attendance for school that day even though it was a birthday celebration.  The big kids learned so much- the amazing employees at the museum let the kids help feed many of the animals and personally taught them all kinds of facts about each one.  Peyton got a bit bored with all the learning and note-taking.  Later the big kids spent the afternoon pouring through our animal encyclopedias gathering more info about their favorite animals.

Nature MuseumWe also had to go on our traditional Dunkin Doughnuts birthday breakfast run.  Boy, was that torture for me- since I can’t eat any of the doughnuts while I’m dairy-free.  Sweet Rebekah almost skipped the outing when she realized I couldn’t enjoy doughnuts with her.

Birthday girlI’m looking forward to what 9 will bring for my sweet girl!
Rebekah's bday

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  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl. I hope you really enjoyed her special day!

    This is my first time here and you have definitely gained a new follower! Your family is amazing. I have always wanted a big family but it seems I can live vicariously through yours!!

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