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We rarely saw any birds, critters or wild animals at our old house, aside from the unleashed dogs that sometimes wandered the neighborhood.  A benefit of our recent move is the ability to observe all kinds of critters in our own backyard.  The kids spend many afternoons on our picnic blanket birdwatching and scouting for lizards.  Every critter in our yard is listed, categorized, described, and named in one of Miriam’s journals.

Our bird feeder is always crowded with birds.  This week we saw a male cardinal teaching his young chicks how to eat at our feeder.  The babies chirped and hopped all over the ground as they impatiently waited for their father to feed them.  Today we observed a hawk perching in our tree and swooping down into the yard, thankfully he didn’t eat any of our beloved birds or lizards as we watched.

Rob surprised me with a hummingbird feeder and hung it right outside the kitchen window.  Most days it is difficult for the children (and me!) to stop watching our two hummingbirds fighting and feeding so that we can finish eating our own food.

We also have two squirrels, named Chatter and Chatty, that frequent our yard and bury treasures under our tree.

I thought we needed to move out to the country to get a taste of nature, I’m so thrilled to have found all kinds of nature in our own backyard!


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