Beautiful 9

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Miriam turned 9 years old today!  It was a tough birthday for both Rob and me; 9 years old- that’s halfway to 18!  It’s not so much that we hate for her to get older, or that we wish she were still a baby; we love the young lady she is becoming.  It’s just that the time is going so quickly and she is such a joy.  I wish each stage would last just a little while longer.  When well-meaning strangers tell new parents not to blink because time passes so quickly they aren’t joking!!

In true Miriam style, when she picked out her birthday cake she spent more time worrying about what flavors everyone else in the family prefers than considering what type of cake she would most like to have on her birthday!  She must have told us “thank you!” a million times today…thank you for going to the zoo, thank you for dinner, thank you for spending the day together, thank you for dinner, etc.  And, when I left her room tonight the last thing she said to me was, “Thank you Mommy!”

Miriam wanted to spend her birthday at the zoo and we had a wonderful time.  I’ll post photos from our visit later this week (after I catch up with a few photos from our beach trip.)

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  1. I am teary thinking she is 9 as well! So big!
    We love you, Miri, you are a sweet, precious girl with and amazing heart. Happy Birthday!

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