Miriam is 10 years old

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10 Years OldThis girl… double digits!

I just can’t believe that she is ten years old…or that I’ve been Mama for 10 years!  Miriam makes it a pleasure to be a Mama, that’s for sure!  She is one amazing young lady.  While I hate how quickly the years are zooming by, I love watching her grow up.

Miriam is my “little Mama,” she takes her roll as big sister very seriously and is always ready to help and play with her younger siblings.  She gives 110% to everything she does, whether it’s school, chores, sports or crafting.  She is polite and thoughtful, always putting others above herself.

She still hates to make a decision- even a simple one.  She wants to make the ‘right’ choice.  She sees the good in everything, so choosing one thing above another is hard.  She also wants to make everyone around her happy, even when the choice should only depend on her opinion.  Yesterday, we went on her birthday outing.  She cried trying to decide what to do, she couldn’t narrow down her options.  Finally she settled on hiking at a nearby park.  It was a beautiful day; I’ll share photos of that outing next week.

Since 10 is such a big deal, we will be doing even more celebrating today.  As soon as everyone wakes up we are going out for doughnuts and pottery painting before dance class.

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