How to Travel with Peace of Mind as a Single Mom

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This week my older girls and I are flying to a foreign country to participate in a mission trip together. I am so excited that we get to experience this together! 

While I am looking forward to our trip, I also find myself feeling some anxiety about our travel.

I’ve always worried a little when traveling, especially when leaving my kids behind.

Even more so, now that I am a single mom. Anxiety about what would happen to your kids if something happened to you can put a damper on the fun, right? I know worry doesn’t do anything positive, so I try to quickly shake the feeling off. Now that I have a life insurance policy that would provide for my children, it’s much easier to shake that worry off and move on to having a wonderful time!

After getting a divorce, I realized just how important life insurance was for my family. As a married stay-at-home mom, I had very minimal life insurance. But as a working single mom, I invested in a life insurance policy that will help my extended family raise my children should something happen to me.

Getting a life insurance policy can feel daunting, but Vantis Life believes that life insurance should be simple plus be easy to understand and buy. 

Getting an online quote for life insurance is easy and hassle-free with Vantis Life Insurance Company- and it only takes a few minutes! Simply take a few minutes to check it out and get a quote here.

It really is that simple, and its so important that you don’t delay in obtaining life insurance that would  protect your family. Did you know that the younger and healthier you are when you get insurance the lower your term life insurance rates will be? 

I am so blessed to have a lifestyle that allows me to very often travel, both with and without my children. From conferences for work, to vacation, to visiting friends my suitcase is usually packed or laying open in my floor waiting to be packed. Travel + adventure is my love language!

Having a life insurance policy helps alleviate the anxiety I feel when traveling as a single mom. I can enjoy my travel knowing that my policy would provide for my children and give their caregivers support should something happen to me.

I believe everyone should have a life insurance policy; single moms especially! When you have people in your life who depend on you, you definitely need life insurance. Should you die unexpectedly, a life insurance policy can replace your income to help your family with expenses such as paying the mortgage and paying for college tuition. It really is a no-brainer. You need life insurance!

Head over to Vantis Life to get an easy life insurance quote. You’ll be glad you did! I’ve found that having a life insurance policy gives me peace of mind as I travel and adventure. I can fully enjoy my experience with the knowledge that my children would be not only well loved, but also financially stable, should something happen to me while I’m away. 


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