#GlobalGoods, Making a Difference in Women’s Lives

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As a teen, I spent time in Guatemala on a mission trip. While in Guatemala, the women and girls made a huge impression on me. In a culture of poverty, the Mothers worked long and hard hours to provide for their families. That usually meant leaving the oldest daughter to care for younger siblings and the home.

Those young girls had total responsibility for younger siblings while the mothers worked and provided for the family.#GlobalGoods

I look at my 7-year-old, Peyton, and remember those girls, coming to the medical tent with baby siblings tied to their backs and toddlers hanging on their skirts- feeding those little siblings before themselves, never taking watchful eyes off the toddlers, and expertly tying a baby to their back with a simple triangle of fabric.#GlobalGoods Guatemala

When I received a striped natural rug handcrafted by Guatemalan women, which is sold only through Macy’s Global Goods Partners line, it was the perfect opportunity to share my experience in Guatemala with my children. What a great opportunity to teach my children how privileged they are to have food to fill their bellies, medical care, and an education. We talked about the things we can do to help those living in poverty around the world. #GlobalGoods Macy's

Peyton sat on the rug as I told her stories of the women and children of Guatemala. My girl, who can laugh, because she has no worries of going to bed hungry, or living without healthcare and education, with no responsibility of caring for her toddler brother all day long while Momma goes to work.#GlobalGoods

I remember the beautiful hand woven fabric of the dresses of the Guatemalan women, and the beautiful fabrics on display in the local markets. Now the Global Goods Partners line gives women the opportunity to earn a fair living wage while continuing their traditional crafts. #GlobalGoodsThese rugs are so much more than just beautiful fabric, they are the opportunity for women to afford food, healthcare, and education for their families. In a country with 75 % of it’s total population living in poverty (the indigenous population is estimated at 90% poverty) and nearly one half of its children under the age of five malnourished, these rugs, and other products from #GlobalGoods empower women to provide for their families and villages. #GlobalGoods

Check out the Global Goods Partners Line from Macy’s, and buy products that make a difference in the lives of women, and entire communities!#GlobalGoods

I received product from Macy’s via Everywhere Agency; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. I love that you get to share your life-changing experience with your children. I haven’t heard of this line at Macy’s before, but it sounds like a wonderful way to support hard-working women.

  2. Such a positive message. I love purchasing items that support others and this rug seems like the proceeds would really go to helping women.

  3. What an amazing experience and story to be able to share with your daughter! Seeing the poverty first hand is something that sticks with you and it’s important to tell them about how others live in the world!

  4. i was in foster care as a child, and have seen some, but not as much as others. It’s so important to help out when i can.

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