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It’s no secret that shopping online is my favorite. However when it came to buying eye glasses online, I was skeptical.

I’ve spent hours in an eye glass store, trying on hundreds of pairs of glasses, and still had trouble finding the right pair for me. And then, when I did find the perfect pair I had major sticker shock when my salesperson totaled up the price once lenses were added. It was CRAZY!

Once I learned how affordable buying glasses online can be, I finally decided to take the chance on ordering a pair online. 

My shopping experience was very pleasant. Rather than walking walls of glasses while also trying to keep my children from breaking a hundred pair while I shop, I put my kids to to bed and sat comfortably at my computer to surf Coastal’s eyewear selection. Thanks to measurements, great product photos, and many customer reviews with photos, picking my glasses wasn’t difficult at all! In fact, Coastal has a MyFit tool which helps narrow down the frames that will fit you best.

I knew I wanted a trendy clear pair, like I’ve seen all over social media this spring and a pair of sturdy but cute sunglasses for wearing on the lake this summer. I made my choices and waited for my box to arrive.

Both pair of my glasses were exactly as I expected them! They fit well and the prescription lenses are perfect.

I’ve always been careful to buy neutral, classic (and boring) glasses. Since glasses are usually so expensive, I knew I’d be wearing them for years. I didn’t feel safe getting a fun color or trendy pair. What if I hated them after a month and I was stuck with them for years? 

With affordable glasses from Coastal, I know that if I get bored of these, I can order another pair… or two. In fact I love these glasses so much, I’m likely to order another few pair just for fun! Why not have a wardrobe of glasses to match all my outfits and moods? It’s possible thanks to Coastal’s selection and affordable price points.

With Coastal’s buy one, give one initiative I can feel even better about purchasing eye glasses for myself.

I’m in love with these clear frame glasses (Derek Cardigan 7029). Aren’t they so stylish and fun for the spring and summer!?

The gold accents on the frames really elevate the glasses to an elegant accessory.

I also really love my sunglasses choice (Konishi KA7795-52).They are going to be perfect out on the lake and by the pool this summer. Since I prefer not to wear contacts when I’m in the water, I wanted a prescription pair of sunglasses that will match all my bathing suits this summer. These frames in black and gray tortoise shell were the perfect choice for that!

But, as with my other pair of glasses, I’m find that I love these so much that I’d like to order several more fun and trendy pairs for the summer!I love Coastal for ordering glasses (and sunglasses) online, and I know you will too! Check it out all the great, affordable from options here.

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