The Best Educational & Creative Gift Guide

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The Best Educational and Creative Gift Guide

In a world consumed with electronics and screens, I’m always on the hunt for non-electronic gift ideas that kids will love. This round up of gift ideas will stretch the minds and creativity of children without resorting to screens or electronics. When a Christmas gift can do double duty as a learning gift that is really a big win!


Games are perfect for the coming cold weather months to keep kids occupied and thinking! Several games on this list are single player, which is also nice for lonely cold winter days. Santa always leaves at least one new game under our tree. The Best Educational & Creative Gift Guide Clue Master – This single player, deductive logic game will have kids using their brains to solve puzzles.

Yoga Spinner – Build teamwork and flexibility, as players try to keep yoga poses for 10 seconds to win a challenge card. What a great family friendly game for 2+ players ages 5 and up.

Balance Beans – This logic game uses both math and reasoning skills as children work to solve a challenge. This game introduces elementary algebra to single players, ages 5 and up.

Circuit Maze – This remains a favorite game for my 9-13 year olds. Check out our review here.Circuit Maze Even more non-screen gifts that will stretch a child’s mind educationally, logically, or creatively include role play, building, and other educational toys.

Educational Gifts

Creation Crate – this education-in-a-box is the gift that keeps on giving. Creation crate shows up at a child’s doorstep each month with an educational electronic project inside. The child will find an electronic project, everything she needs to create it, and clear instructions in the box. You can choose to give one month, or the whole year! build & imagine. Get 10% off your first box here. Creation Crate

Big Bag of Science Experiments - My children love all the science sets from this company.

Microscope - Watch kids explore their world with a beginner microscope.

Dinosaur Abacus - perfect to help young children counting and grouping math strategies.

Social System Model Kit - a fun and creative way to help children discover astronomy. The Best Educational & Creative Gift Guide

Building and Creative Play

Build & Imagine - You've seen my girls playing with Build & Imagine blocks on my instagram account. All my kids- girls and boys- toddler to tween love playing with these amazing blocks!2016-11-14_0002Fortamajig - My children have owned this fun fort for many years. It's endless possibilities make it one of our most played with toys.

Crazy Forts- another really cool way for kids to build their own forts. The Best Educational & Creative Gift Guide


These educational, creative, and fun gifts will be a hit with your kids! They won't even realize they are stretching their brains and creativity during play! [activecampaign form=9]

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