Bible Journaling for the Busy Mom

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How can Bible Journaling fit in your life when you are a busy Mom? Even as a single, work-at-home Mom of 6, Bible journaling has become a  huge piece of my worship and prayer life in the last year. Today I’m going to share how you can easily add Bible journaling to your worship as a busy Mom.

Tips for Bible Journaling for the Busy Mom

Finding Time

If I only pulled out my Bible Journal when I found a good chunk of time to create art, I’d own a blank Bible. The most daunting task for a busy Mom is finding the time to add one more thing to her schedule. Choose one or several of these ways to carve out time for Bible Journaling:

  • Don’t try to journal every day, pick just one day a week to journal.
  • Get your children involved in an individual activity, or even turn on a cartoon..
  • Add journaling to your normal devotion time. Consider studying scripture one day, then using your devotion time the next day to journal while meditating on the previous day’s scripture.
  • Set a timer. If you know you will only journal for 15 minutes it can be easier to find a small pocket of time to use.
  • Pick a way to add journaling to your daily routine and stick with it- journal for 10 minutes during your regular devotion or during the first few minutes of your toddler’s nap time.
  • Wake up 15 minutes earlier or go to bed 15 minutes later a few days a week and journal during that time.

Keep it Simple

Bible journaling does not have to be elaborate. When time is tight keep your journaling simple. Every page does not have to be a work of art. Keep your supplies simple too. The less supplies you have to choose from the quicker you can journal. A few thicknesses of black pens and a pack of colored pencils are all you need. For just a little more variety add a pack of gel pens and Bible highlighters.

Keep track of your thoughts

As a busy mom, you will often come across something to journal that you won’t have time to journal right then. Keep track of your thoughts. Use this free printable to keep track of thoughts away from home, jot a note on your cell phone, or even take a photo of a quote or inspiration with your phone. These notes will come in handy when your Bible journaling time comes later in the day or week. Bible journaling can add so much depth to your worship. As a busy Mom I find it easy to forget what God is showing me, but thanks my Bible journal I’m daily reminded of my growth and recent blessings as I flip through the pages of my Bible. If Bible journaling interests you, find even more posts with tips for Bible journaling here.

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