Simple Bible Journaling for Busy Moms with Illustrated Faith’s Devotional Kits

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When it comes to Bible Journaling, my goal is to simply journal the lessons God is teaching me in the margins. I’m a busy Mom with barely 5 minutes to sneak in a shower, at this point in my life Bible Journaling must also fit in small windows of time. There are smudges and hastily written notes more often than beautifully hand-lettered lessons in the margins of my journaling Bible.

I’ve been eyeing the Illustrated Faith Devotional Kits for quite sometime, so when my I finished my last Bible study I decided to check out one of the kits. Since my Bible Journaling is simple rather than artistic and generally squeezed into small chunks of time, I wasn’t sure the kits would be a good fit for me. I’m so glad I gave it a chance.

Each devotional kit has 14 short devotionals, with a Bible verse (or several), a short devotional reading, followed by questions to get you thinking. The devotional has room to answer the questions right in the booklet, so if you don’t feel led to write in your Journaling Bible that day, you’ll still have a good devotion time.

Since these kits are released once a month, you’ll have plenty of time during the month to complete the 14 days of devotions. You could even complete the devotional one day, then journal in your Bible the next while meditating on the verses and lesson points.  As a busy mom, I find that the perfect way to complete the 14 devotions in one month’s time.

This week I began the Blessings or Lessons Devotional Kit, which is on sale for half price right now. This devotional reminded me that God puts people in our path for a reason. Every single person in my life has a purpose- whether it be a blessing or a lesson that God has for me or that person.

“God knows who belongs in our lives and who doesn’t. We need to trust and let go.” I don’t care how far away I am from the heartbreak of becoming a single Mom, that is a lesson that I will always need to be reminded of. Take that lesson, learn from it, and move on!

So, 14 days of great, yet quick, devotions–> check.

How about the Bible Journaling aspect? The devotional kits all come with slightly different supplies. Blessings or Lessons contained a sheet of stamps, a stamp pad, several cut outs to glue into the margins of your Bible, a roll of washi tape, 3 Scripture shareables, a bow clip, and a sticker. Add a set of colored pencils, a black pen, and glue for a complete Bible Journaling experience. I definitely recommend the Illustrated Faith Tape Runner for easy, mess-free adhesive for cut outs and tip ins.

This devotional was my first time both attaching cut outs and using stamps in my Bible. I am hooked! I prefer simple and fast Bible Journaling, and I have zero artistic ability. This kit gave me some new things to work with that I could use in my limited time, even without much artistic ability or creativity. If art is your strength, the possibilities will be endless. I’ve seen some amazing art Bible Journal pages using the same devotional and kit items.

If you are a busy Mom who loves to Bible Journal, check out all the Illustrated Faith Devotional kit options. Several of the kits are 50% off right now. Also get 25% off your order and free shipping until 3/31/2017 with code 25FORYOU.

Which devotional kit will you start with?

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    1. I am the most un-artistic person ever. My biggest tip is don’t try to be something you aren’t. Use your Bible more as a journal with notes, prayers, and lessons. Use Pinterest or Google to search hand lettering fonts to make some of the most important words in your notes pretty and bold. Then add some color with pencils. You can also check out my other Bible Journaling posts to find more practical getting started tips and several hacks for the art challenged.

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