9 Ways You Know You Are a Momtographer

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9 Ways you know you are a momtographer

You know you are a Momtographer or MWAC (Mom With A Camera) when:

1.  You choose your paint colors and furniture based on how they will look as a backdrop for your photos.

regretting that couch choice!

Regretting that red plaid couch I had to have 10 years ago!

2. If you are buying a new house “good light” is first on your wish list.

2. You buy your kids clothes based on how they will look in a photograph- lots of texture, pattern and solid colors but no logos, sayings, or characters.Outfit choices

3. Your toddler’s first phrase was “Picture Me!” (or something similar).

4. Most toddlers make sounds like “Zoom” yours make”clicking” sounds while holding their hands in front of their faces and they  ‘chimp’ on nonexistent LCD screens.Peyton phtotographer

5. Your children pose their stuffed animals and use sheets as backdrops.

6. You exclaim over a missed shot and your kid says, “That’s okay Mom, you can photoshop it.” (Too bad blur from the wrong shutter speed can’t actually be fixed in photoshop!)

7. Your kids know the exact spot to stand in for the best light when you mention that you’re gonna take a quick picture of them with their craft.

8. You carry a huge diaper bag- not for extra diapers, but so your camera will fit in it.

9. Your baby’s favorite toy is a lens cap.

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