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Bible Journaling is my favorite way to record the lessons God is teaching me, and what He is doing in my life. Today I’m excited to share a free Bible journaling printable with you! This free printable, paired with my other Bible journaling tips will help you Bible Journal with purpose.

How often do you think of something you want to journal in your Bible – a point made during a sermon, a prayer, a verse- when you are away from home?
Later, you get home and sit down with your art supplies, only to realize that you’ve forgotten what you meant to journal. It happens to me all the time!

I created a printable to keep in my Bible for jotting down things I want to add to my journaling Bible later.Free Bible Journaling 'to journal' Printable!

I keep a ‘To Journal’ printable tucked in the front cover of my Journaling Bible. Each time I find something I want to journal at an inopportune time, I just jot a note on my ‘To Journal’ sheet. Often it’s during a church event- like a sermon or Sunday School. But I also use this method when I’m just too busy at home to journal immediately. Whether my quiet time gets interrupted by fighting siblings, or I’m listening to a podcast as I fold laundry.  A simple note on my ‘to journal’ sheet means I won’t forget what spoke to me later when I find time to sit with my Bible Journal and art supplies.

Below is an example of things I’ve written on my own to journal sheets lately.verses-to-journal

The blank version of this printable is free for Big Family Blessings newsletter subscribers. Join Big Family Blessings below to get this great FREE printable “To Journal” sheet.

After signing up, you’ll get an email with a link to the free blank Bible journaling printable- perfect for jotting down your own to journal notes. Simply print several blank ‘To Journal” printables, tuck them inside your Bible, your devotional, or even in your car or purse… You won’t ever forget what you wanted to journal later again!

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  1. I understand the bible journaling but where do I find a bible that allows for journaling?
    Also is there a bible for kids?

    1. You can find a journaling Bible on Amazon or Dayspring, or at your local bookstore. The Bible will be labeled journaling Bible – look for 2 inch (or wide) margins in the description. There is an NIV journaling Bible for girls look here and here, though my tweens and teens simply use a regular journaling Bible.

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