Bible Journaling for Beginners

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Are you curious about Bible Journaling? Have you seen beautiful photos on Pinterest (or Instagram) of artwork in the margins of a Bible?

I was very curious, but I’m no artist! So, for several weeks I thought Bible Journaling was not for me. I mean, my drawing consists of stick figures!

But, I kept finding myself drawn to the artwork, and even more, to the words of the women passionate about journaling in their Bibles.

What is Bible Journaling?

Eventually, I realized… I am already a Bible Journaler. I’ve been writing in my bible for years- underlines, stars, dates with answered prayers, and sermon notes I don’t want to forget. So my journaling wasn’t in a special Bible, and was nothing near beautiful, but it spoke to God’s hand on my heart! That is what Bible Journaling is!

Bible Journaling is a form of devotional. It is responding to the Bible in a personal way on the pages of your Bible.

It is simply the process of writing, drawing, and/or creating art in your Bible during your Bible Devotional time. This can be through meditating on scripture while journaling, or using your Bible journaling to help you remember what God showed you when reading a specific scripture.

Your Bible doesn’t have to be perfect or even pretty AND you don’t need to spend a bunch of money on supplies.

Bible Journaling for Beginners

What do you need for Bible Journaling?

You can absolutely use the Bible you already have to begin Bible Journaling. But if you want more space, there are many options of budget friendly journaling Bibles.  Add a black pen and a pack of colored pencils (I just swiped some from my kids’ art desk) and you have everything you need to get started.

Sure, if Bible Journaling becomes your passion, you can slowly splurge on all the fun supplies you see on Pinterest and Instagram, but for now, don’t let the lack of those supplies hold you back!

Don’t feel tied to the beautiful lettering and artwork that you see on Pinterest. Bible Journaling should be an extension of you. If you are a writer, write. If you are a note taker, take notes. If you are a doodler, then doodle! If you are an artist- then create those Pinterest worthy margins!

You don’t have to stick to just one type of Bible journaling either. As you are inspired: do it! You don’t always have to draw or create beautifully hand-lettered illustrations in your Bible.

Keep reading below to learn more about 8 great ways to use a Bible Journal, whether you are a writer, not taker, doodler, or artist.

That’s the type of Bible Journaler I am- doodler, note taker, writer, and (wannabe) artist. I like to do it all!

How to Use a Bible Journal

Here are the 8 ways I use my Journaling Bible:

  • Write prayers in the margins. (remember to date the prayers- and come back later to add the answer and date answered!)
  • Write what God speaks into your heart as you read a passage.Bible Journaling for the beginner
  • Write sermon notes beside the scripture reference.

Still not sure where to start? Here are some more great ideas:

  • Keep doing what you are doing! If you already have a quiet time or devotional in place, then continue it. When you are inspired to remember a verse or point, then write or illustrate in your Bible next to the scripture you studied that day.
  • Use your concordance to read the Bible by topic. Choose a topic you want to learn more about and follow those verses through the Bible.
  • If you read Christian living books, write or illustrate in your Bible next to the references that speak to you.
Bible Journaling inspiration from God is Able by Priscilla Shirer
  • Search Pinterest for Bible Journaling or Instagram hashtags #biblejournaling and #illustratedfaith for Bible Journaling specific devotions with artwork ideas already thought out.
  • Choose a new devotional or Bible Study and journal your way through it. I love, and often find myself putting my favorite take-aways beside the day’s scripture reference.
  • Bible Journaling inspiration from’s daily reading

    All you need to do is grab your Bible Journal and get started! However, if you still want more information before writing in your journaling bible I talk more about learning how to start Bible Journaling right here.

    If, you aren’t artistic but still really want pretty pages check out Bible Journaling Hacks for the Artistically Challenged.

    Find even more Bible Journaling Information and Inspiration on my Pinterest board.

    Follow Amanda’s board Bible Journaling on Pinterest.

    So, are you ready to begin your Bible Journaling adventure?

    Bible Journaling Devotional You Hem Me In
    Simple & Stylish Bible Journaling Desktop Organization Ideas

    Here is a devotional to get you started:
    And here is a post to with several easy ideas to help organize your Bible Journaling Supplies.

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    1. I just stumbled across you blog, and I am glad to see bible journaling that looks like mine. I recently got a journaling bible after seeing all these beautiful creations on instagram and pintrest, but I am not that much of an artist. So, It is refreshing to see simple but beautiful jounaling like mine!

        1. Hi Rosa. You can start anytime in any Bible. If you’d like a journaling specific Bible you can look at or even amazon. Just search Journaling Bible- or click on the links in this post to find several options.
          If you aren’t artistic you can still journal! check out this post for ideas for journaling when you aren’t artistic:

    2. I love how there is a space to write on the side. What a great idea!! I need to look for one of those for my husband…he loves to take notes! šŸ˜‰

      1. You are very welcome! I loved sharing this post- even though I was hesisitant with my Bible Journaling illustrations being far from ‘pinterest worthy!’

    3. I am probably the odd one here, but I hate to write, draw or mark up my bibles. I have a separate journal to take all my notes in instead. I have never made it all pretty like this before, but plan on it now. I love this idea!

      1. I do the same thing, I have a blank journal I keep all my bible verses in. And I color, write, doodle and cut out pictures.

    4. This is awesome for so many reasons. one my sister was looking to do something like this. Two I can teach the kids at church about bible Journal.

    5. Your Bible journal is gorgeous and I love the way you keep track of your thoughts as you read. I did this growing up but have converted to the digital version. I really need to go back to the hard copy and highlight and underline and write details like I used to.

    6. I’ve been doing this since I was a little girl. I love looking back in my bible and seeing the thoughts I wrote down over the years with specific passages. I even put dates at the end because each entry goes w/ a specific instance.

    7. Thanks for all your tips. Although I love to draw, I usually am too detailed. I want to make this a study and worship experience more than just pretty pages. I like the idea of keeping it simple for that reason. The goal here is to learn more about God, not just make another pretty journal. Excellent post.

    8. Where did you purchase the bible that is pictured and what version is it? I love your journaling technique!

    9. Love this article and can’t wait to check out your links. Just a tip – don’t store your pens with the tip pointing skyward because – gravity. Your supply bucket is cute, but turn your pens around. My dual tip pens get stored horizontally. Thanks for your journaling ideas – I’m a complete novice!

    10. Doesn’t the ink bleed through to the next page?
      Can you still read the words? So many of the pics are amazing, but some cover nearly the whole page.

      1. In my journal, I usually stick to the margins, as I want to be able to read all the words. If I decide to cover the page, I only use colored pencils lightly.
        It’s definitely a personal choice. Those who use their Bible Journal as a journal rather than as their everyday Bible often cover the page so the words can’t be read. My Bible is my daily everyday use Bible, so covering the words isn’t an option.

    11. So…I don’t have a journaling bible, but a couple of weeks ago, after I saw your post on Pinterest, I Immediately grabbed my bible and my art supplies and went crazy! I absolutely love it! I already do scripture journaling, because it helps me retain information when I study, but doodling in my bible has added even more to my retention. Thank you so much for sharing!

      1. hi Kenzie,
        Many people just journal in regular bibles using any available space. Or, you can use a regular journal to journal Bible verses and truths. Just write the scripture reference on the page of your journal. There are many post on Pinterest about journaling this way.

    12. I just found your link through a Pinterest pin. I am so glad I found this. I have always wanted to try bible journaling. What you described about markings in your bible sounds like mine! However, I want to go one step further. I just inherited some scrap booking supplies from a friend who recently passed away. I couldn’t believe how much there was!! So I had an idea to start a bible journal scrap book! Since I have so much, I’m going to send a friend of mine some of the supplies so we can do it together, sort of (a friend from FB).

      Your ideas of where to start are terrific! I have no clue where to begin other than doing the first page with stickers. Thanks for all these great ideas! I will be sharing this with my friend.

    13. Hello Amanda!

      Was pleased to find you on pinterest when searching for Bible Journaling beginners! Great Post!

      I have a closed FB journaling group, Barefoot Journaling Chronicles, who will love your tips and experiences, as much as I did. šŸ™‚ Hope you don’t mind me showcasing you.

      You, or anyone reading this, are welcome to join us by requesting membership. We post all kinds of creative inspiration in support of journaling, scrapbooking, and short story writing. We even have a short story writing contest every quarter and the fortunate winner receives a prize I create around their story.

      You all would be welcome!

      Thanks again for your encouraging post.

      Blessings on your little tribe! šŸ™‚

      ~Evon Robinson
      Barefoot Journaling Chronicles

    14. I discovered bible journaling several months ago & fell in love with the idea! I was so excited to do it that I immediately bought 2 different journaling bibles! However, I decided they were not what I wanted, so I gave them to each of my daughters. I finally found the same bible you have and love it! I have spent about $700 on any and everything I saw to get started, from washi tape,the perfect pens, the best watercolors, stickers, markers, downloadables, gelato, etc! I even bought a huge rolling organizer! The problem is, I’m too scared to get started because I don’t want to mess up! I can barely draw a stick figure much less be creative in my bible! Thank you for the ideas! I bought my daughter a light box several years ago and never even thought about using it! I also love the graphite transfer paper idea! Can’t wait to dig in to my bible journaling adventure! Thank you!

      1. Glad my ideas helped you! Definitely just start, you will make some mistakes- but that is okay! It’s about worship and learning, not perfection!

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