White Chocolate Toffee Nut Iced Coffee

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Spring is here, finally! Our weather this week is far from spring like- we actually woke up to a snow-covered yard this morning. But, soon warmth and sunshine will get with the calendar and make our days more pleasant. We are a family that needs our outdoor time desperately.

Soon cold cooped up days will turn to my favorite sunny afternoons hanging out on the porch swing while watching my kids play in the yard. Mixing up a tall decadent cup of iced coffee in way I sneak a little me time into those gorgeous afternoons.

Ever since creating my White Chocolate Toffee Nut Latte this winter, I’ve been dreaming of turning the recipe into an iced coffee for warmer months.  Maybe if I plan for spring weather enough, it will decide to show up?

This delicious iced coffee is really easy to mix together, especially if you have coffee leftover from the morning pot. If not, simply brew about 1 cup of strong coffee for the recipe.

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White Chocolate Toffee Nut Iced Coffee



Fill a large glass with ice. I prefer a 1.5 pint (24oz) wide mouth mason jar.

Mix 1 cup coffee with 3 tablespoons toffee nut coffee syrup and 3 tablespoons white chocolate sauce.

Pour the coffee mixture over the cup of ice.

Add between 1/4 and 1/2 cup half & half, depending on your preferences.

Top with whipped cream, drizzled caramel sauce, and a generous sprinkle of milk chocolate toffee nut bits.

That’s it! So easy right?

Now simply find a quiet spot to enjoy a quiet moment and this amazing White Chocolate Toffee Nut Iced Coffee.

If spring weather has not yet arrived in your area, try making the hot White Chocolate Toffee Nut Latte version found right here.


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