5th Grade Curriculum Choices

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After being ahead in planning and shopping for curriculum life threw a curve-ball and I’m now officially behind again. That seems to be the theme for our schooling for the past several years and I’m about tired of it! But, the good news is, once we get this year rolling baring any craziness we should be back on track for the kind of school year I like. Yay!

But, I do have 5th grade narrowed down and mostly procured, except for one subject.

5th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices
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Here are the final choices for 5th grade:


Teaching Textbooks Math 5 Kit

Language Arts


K12 Early American History (with A History of US – Concise Editions A and B)


God’s Design for the Physical World


Home Art Studio

Foreign Language

We start Foreign Language in the 6th grade here, but she might do Getting Started with Spanish alongside her older sister


This is the one subject I haven’t chosen yet. My original plan was to continue with Possessing the Land by Positive Action for Christ, but considering our current challenges, I’m considering taking a year off of formal Bible to do an informal family Bible Study.

I think it’s going to be a pretty good year! Got any good Bible recommendations for either family study, or for a 10 year old girl?


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