Printable Pirate Finger Puppets

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Are your kids all about pirates? These adorable printable pirate finger puppets are sure to provide your children with hours of imaginative play.

Kids love creating pirate crafts and pretending to be pirates, and these finger puppets are a great way to start!

These pirate finger puppets are fun and easy! Simply fill out the form below to download your printable finger puppets. Then cut out the pirate puppets, tape the band the correct size for your child’s finger and watch their pirate imaginary play come alive.

*although you can print these puppets out on regular printer paper, they will work best when printed out on a heavier weight copy paper.

These pirate finger puppets are perfect for imaginary play. If your child needs a little help getting started imagining with their pirate puppets, try telling them a pirate story or reading a pirate themed book together.

Fill out the form below to receive these free printable pirate finger puppets for your children to enjoy.

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