Uncle Sam 4th of July Craft

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Are you ready for the cutest 4th of July craft ever? This Uncle Sam 4th of July craft is just adorable!

Uncle Sam 4th of July Craft for Kids


  • Colored craft papers (construction paper or card stock works well too)
  • White embossed or textured paper
  • Craft glue
  • Sharpie or marker pen
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Template


You’ll need white embossed paper for the hair and beard. However, if you don’t have embossed or textured paper, you can create texture on a plain sheet of white paper by crinkling it up, then smoothing it back out.

Also choose blue, red, brown, cream and white colored papers for Uncle Sam.

Trace the stars and the skinny, rectangular strips on white paper, the hat and large rectangle on red paper, the rectangle with a point on top pattern and the wide, short strip on blue paper. (As pictured below)
Cut all the pieces out.

Glue the stars to the wide, short blue strip. Also glue the white strips onto the hat vertically, as pictured below.

Glue the blue strip onto the the lower portion of the hat, slightly overlapping the white strips. See below for reference. 

Glue the head piece onto the hair, then glue the beard onto the chin.

Glue Uncle Sam’s body together by placing the blue piece above the red rectangle, slightly overlapping.

Glue the feet behind the red rectangle. And glue Uncle Sam’s hat to his head.

Glue Uncle Sam’s head onto his body. Use a black marker to add facial features, as pictured below.

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