The Case for Hope {Review+ Giveaway}

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For the past two years, hope hasn’t been easy. What gets me through the day is hope for my children, that they will come out on top and live wonderful lives. But when it comes to hope for my own future, it often feels like a lost cause.

When Family Christian offered a review for Lee Strobel’s new book, The Case for Hope: Looking Ahead with Confidence and Courage I knew it was another book I need to read. It’s really such a God thing, these books I get to review. My days right now are so full- up early to take care of my children all day, then put them to bed and work until the wee hours of the morning. If reviewing a book wasn’t my ‘job’ I wouldn’t take the time to read. Yet, here I am reading books that encourage and challenge me, helping me grow in spite of this busy, tough season.

This book sets the reader off on a journey to find hope. In fact, Lee says Biblical hope is not something you do, it’s something you have. Biblical hope is not wishful thinking.

It’s an overriding confidence he (God) gives, reminding us that, even in the midst of our greatest problems, God is still with us — and he is greater than any challenge we might face.

Yep, definitely a book I need to read! What I really love about The Case for Hope is that it isn’t just a book reminding me that I need to have hope in God. I already know that, but that knowledge doesn’t make finding that hope much easier. This book is filled with both the why of hope and the how of grabbing hope and holding tight. And, in true Lee Strobel style, it’s not just a bunch of words and opinion, it’s backed up by lots of Bible verses and proof.

Lee stresses the importance of having hope, because without hope we are destined for despair. Confidence that God will fulfill his promises is the key to that hope.

One point that really hit home for me was that its often ‘easier to count on God to redeem our past than to trust him with our present and our future.’ Yep, guilty as charged right there. Do I really trust God? Didn’t he say he’s working all things together for my good? When I really stop to think about it, that absence of trust, especially in light of all he has already done, is convicting. I definitely need to find my hope again.

This book will help with that journey!  It ends with a 30 Day Journey of Hope. Each day includes a verse about hope and space to journal below it. Lee reminds the reader of the importance of focusing on scripture and letting God speak directly to us through His word.  Sometimes simplicity is best, and I agree with Lee here. After reading this book and learning the why and how of hope, spending the next 30 days meditating on scripture is a wonderful way to put hope in action!

This isn’t a Christmas book, but it would really be perfect for the coming Advent season. I’m looking forward to spending then next 30 days meditating on hope to prepare my heart for Christmas!


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The Case for Hope

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  1. Sounds like a good book for me and my family right about now – my son is recently diagnosed with two separate learning disabilities, and it’s taking a toll on this Momma’s heart.

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