I love Peytonisms

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Peyton is the cutest thing ever- and she knows it.  One day she’s probably going to be big trouble, but for now we are just soaking up her sweetness and awesome personality.  She knows how to turn on the charm to reach her desired goal.  Between her well-timed sense of humor and knowing just when to throw in her winning smile she probably gets her way more than not.

She still has cute little preschooler phrases, that I hope she never grows out of saying.

When she prays she always thanks Jesus for ‘the whole wide city.’  And at bedtime she still asks to be ‘tucked up.’



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  1. She is so independent. Last night after Grandma had bathe/washed hair, I wanted to help her dry off etc.
    She says “I can do it” Then I asked “where is your hairbrush”? She said “I’ll be back in a minute” so upstairs she goes, and back quickly. She brushed and brushed and would not let me touch the brush. Great grandma will never forget the hours spent with everyone – helping Uncle Gary burn papers, trying on old clothes, chasing bugs etc.

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