There’s Always (at least) One…

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The results of trying for a good group shot of the kids…

No boy was harmed in the making of this photo,even though Momma might-a thought about it.

And evidence of preschool attention spans.
2015-11-06_0006It took about 10 shots before I even realized Emily was entertaining herself making Popeye faces!

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  1. I love photos that show kids’ personalities. They always end p being my favorite even if they aren’t in that moment. “Stand still”. “Smile even if it’s fake”. haha

  2. ROFL! This is the truth though!
    I mean come on getting ADULTS to all look good at the same time, looking in the right direction, not making some strange face, even IF on accident, that is hard enough. Kids … forget about it especially when there are five of them!
    Haha too cute!

  3. I only have 3 kids and it still is a challenge. I think these are adorable shots to keep for the kids later.

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