Are You Ready For Some Football?

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We sure are!

Football season is a favorite here.  The beginning of football season means that some of the best of our year is about to happen.  Watching football on television is a family affair.  We can’t wait to fill the folding table with our favorite snack foods for “football and snack dinner” nights.  Flag Football

It means evenings of lighting the fireplace aren’t too far away.  Fall is coming along with some of our very favorite activities- a trip to the beach with extended family, fun field trips, hiking, nights at the ball fields, football on television, plus preparing for and celebrating Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Football practice

And this year we also get to welcome a new baby in the Autumn. God willing, we will be holding our baby boy by Thanksgiving!  Michael can’t wait to finally have a brother among this family of girls.

Football practice

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  1. I truly applaud you for all of the effort it must take to have your beautiful children all involved in extracurricular activities! I am in awe:) I only have 4 and still have a hard time getting them into activities. Congrats on the upcoming baby, too!!! All of my kids have fall birthdays and it makes the holidays so special when there is a new baby around:)

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