First Football Game

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This morning I rolled out of bed at the horrible time of 6:45am, right as Rob walked in from a night at work, to get to Michael’s first football game.  As we pulled sleeping, grumpy kids from their beds and threw clothes on them, Rob said, “This is crazy!  Why would they plan little kids games so early?!”


Then we had to laugh, because it probably didn’t seem so awful to most of the other participants who regularly get up early for school and work.  We are so used to the hours of a night-shift family and the relaxed pace of homeschooling that our children don’t know what it is to be awakened before their bodies naturally wake up.


Even with the early morning, Michael had a great game.  He is very serious about blocking and a few times I thought his opponent might start throwing punches to get around him!

Down Set Hike!

Last year, he almost always ran the wrong direction as quarterback.  This morning he gained several yards on his first turn, though he lost ground with his second attempt.  It must be pretty intimidating to see that wall of guys running towards you!


By the end of the game Emily and Peyton were more awake and happy.  But, when we got home at 9:30am, Emily asked to go ahead and take her afternoon nap!  So, the big kids had a cartoon morning while Emily and I napped.

Little Cheerleaders



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