Get Your Teen’s Car Ready for Summer

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Summer time has arrived and newly driving teens are relishing the extra freedom that driver’s license provides.  

Before your teen hits the road this summer, follow these tips to get their car ready for fun, safe, and healthy driving.

Your teen is likely spending much of the summer in his or her car running to and from camps, heading to the pool and park, shopping with friends, going to visit grandma, meeting friends at the coffee shop, and more!  Use these tips to help ensure that your teen’s car is ready to help them stay comfortable and healthy this summer.

How to get your teen’s car ready for a fun, safe, and healthy summer. 

Get your teen involved in getting her car ready for the summer! She should learn the basics of how to take care of her car, and this is a great time to get started. Schedule some time with your teen to work on essential summer car care together.

I realized as I helped my teen get her car ready for summer that she had no idea how to pop her car’s hood! Sure she has jumper cables in the car but how would she have used them? Major mom fail. But, now that we’ve spent a morning working on essential summer car maintenance and care that won’t happen again!

First, ensure that your teen and her passengers have clean air inside the car’s cabin by installing a FRAM TrueAirTM Premium Cabin Air Filter

These innovative filters feature an innovative N95 grade filter media which traps and keeps 95% of harmful airborne contaminants, as small as 0.3 microns from entering the vehicle’s ventilation system!

These cabin air filters are easy to install and should be replaced every 12 months to ensure optimal airflow and filtration efficiency. I’ve been replacing the cabin air filters in our family car for several years now!

My teen simply opened the cabin air filter box, and followed the easy instructions for changing the cabin air filter. It took her less than 5 minutes from opening the box to new cabin air filter installed!

She was absolutely shocked at how dirty and gross the old filter was when she removed it! See the photo below- the new FRAM TrueAir filter is on the left, the old filter is on the right.

Since my daughter is prone to allergies, I love knowing that her new FRAM TrueAir will filter out 99% of dirt, dust, pollen, and allergens as small as 3 microns. This is so helpful for those, like my daughter, who struggle with allergies or asthma!

Now that the cabin air filter is changed, get the inside of your teen’s car ready for all the time spent there this summer. It wouldn’t hurt to do a thorough cleaning and vacuuming while getting ready for summer!

Place essential items that your teen may need this summer in convenient places in her car. Stash a first aid kit under the passenger seat. Place a ziplock bag of disposable masks and hand sanitizer  in the center console. Be sure she has a working phone charger. 

With the inside of your teen’s car summer ready move on to the outside of the car to finish preparing the car for summer.

Don’t forget to teach your teen how to do these tasks independently as you work together!

Check the car’s oil, and use this time to check your records to find out whether or not the car is due for an oil change. 

Check the car’s windshield wipers and replace them if necessary. Check and refill the windshield wiper fluid.

Change the air filter if you haven’t changed it yet this year. You’ve already changed the cabin air filter which purifies the air in the vehicle, now change the engine air filter which will keep the air going into the engine clean. (FRAM has both engine and cabin air filters)

Check the tires on your teens car. Teach your teen how to check the tread to ensure the tires aren’t worn out. Then check the air pressure in the tires using a tire gauge.

To get your teen’s car summer ready follow these tips and find out more about FRAM TrueAirTM Premium Cabin Air Filters and find your part here.

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