Summertime Hydration for Family and Pets

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Summertime in the south equals sun, sweat, sweltering heat, and bugs…

Yet, we love it anyway!

No matter how hot and sticky summer gets, you’ll find my crew and me outside nearly every day.

The porch is a huge part of country life. Leftover from the days when the porch offered shade and hopefully a slight breeze and gathering in rocking chairs on that porch was the only way to seek relief from the midday heat. These days we may have air conditioning inside, but the porch is still the place my family loves to gather.


I spend many of my afternoons working from my favorite office, which just happens to be my front porch swing. My children and their pets take breaks from their play to sit with me on the porch as I work. Glasses of cool thirst-quenching water from our Primo water dispenser keep us refreshed and hydrated in the heat of the summer. 

Since we have pets, I chose the Deluxe Top Loading Water Dispenser with Pet Station so our pets can also enjoy quality water. My favorite thing about the included pet water bowl in the Primo water dispenser is how it helps my children to be responsible for their pets. When they refill their own water glasses, they can also refill the pets’ bowl at the bottom of the water cooler. 

The best part is that they absolutely love getting to be the one to press the little paw button that refills the pet bowl. That means I never have to remind them to be sure their pets have plenty of water for these sweltering hot days of summer, when pet hydration is especially important. 

Pets need quality water too and our Primo water dispenser with the pet station ensures that they get purified water too.

Did you know that a water dispenser in your home can help your family drink 25% more water? I have seen the evidence in my home. My children love to use the Primo dispenser. I see them refilling their glasses more frequently now that we’ve added a dispenser to our kitchen. This also means that our pets are getting fresh water frequently each day. The kids used to fill the pet bowls only once or twice a day, but now they refill the bowl anytime it is slightly low.

Living in a rural area, I’ve noticed that well water can have a different taste than what I prefer.  Thanks to the Primo water dispenser, my water is always cool with a refreshing taste.

Did you know that tap water can contain contaminants? With Primo water I never have to worry about contaminants, for either my family or my pets! Primo water goes through a multi-step purification process which includes reverse osmosis.

I never realized how easy and convenient having a water dispenser in my home could be. I simply set up the dispenser and bought a 5-gallon bottle of water at the grocery store during my weekly trip. When we empty the bottle, I simply take the emptied bottle to the store, place it in a collection bin to be recycled and get a new, full bottle of water, or refill it using the Primo refill station. You can find the most convenient location for Primo water, whether refill or exchange, for your family on the Find Water page.

I definitely encourage you to try out a Primo water dispenser in your home for your family and pets. We love ours! Be sure to use the code WATERGOALS25 when you place your order. This code will not only give you 25% off the dispenser with free and fast shipping, but you’ll also get coupons in the mail for a free 5-gallon bottle of Primo water, plus another will be in your box when the dispenser is delivered.

Be sure to pay attention to your Primo welcome mailer when it arrives. Not only will you find valuable coupons for water, but it will also help you figure out how to incorporate Primo water in your home.

Your family will love your new Primo water dispenser, and your pets will reap the benefits too!

Thank you Primo® for sponsoring this post.


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