Send Birthday Wishes with Hello Card

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Hello Video- the perfect greeting card when you want to celebrate in person, but can’t!

Hello Video allows you to send a personalized greeting card with a special video message for the recipient. 


Hello Video is such a great way to send birthday wishes when you can’t physically be together with your loved ones on their birthdays.

This year on Emily’s 10th Birthday, I was scheduled to be out of town the night before the big day. The plan was for her to wake up on the morning of her birthday at her Grandma’s house, then I’d come join her to celebrate by afternoon. 

I worried she’d be disappointed that I wasn’t there as soon as she woke up on the morning of her birthday. So, I planned a special surprise for her by sending her a card from Hello Video with a special birthday wish from Mommy.

Sending a Hello Video card is easy!

Simply go to to choose a card.

I sent a birthday card this time, but you’ll also find cards for all occasions.

Once you’ve chosen the card you’d like to send, you can personalize it with a written message, then upload your photo and video!

Check out and let Hello Video know where to mail the card.

When your recipient opens the card, and places their smartphone inside the video message will play.

Emily absolutely loved waking up on her birthday morning to a card from Mommy. When she opened it, she found a video message from me, telling her happy birthday and that I couldn’t wait to see her to celebrate in just a few hours. 

In fact, Emily loved the card so much she asked to send one herself!

Head to to send your video card! 

(PS. I’m giving away 5 Hello Video cards over on Instagram!)

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