Doodle Lit – Doodle through Classic Literature

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Do you have a child who balks at Literature, but loves to doodle and draw? If so Doodle Lit might be the perfect way to peak your child’s interest in classic literature.

Doodle Lit Review

Doodle Lit is a 272 page book begging to be doodled in, drawn all over, and cut into pieces, all in the name of literature and art.

The book features several authors of classic literature, including one page dedicated to sharing information about the author and his or her writing. The pages following each author prompt children to think and doodle about different aspects of that author’s writing.

Simply grab the art medium of choice- colored pencils, markers, pens-anything goes- and start doodling answers to the prompts provided!Doodle Lit

Since my 13-year-old daughter remembers reading Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland aloud a few years ago, she began doodling in the Lewis Carroll section. Some examples of the doodling activities and prompts included in that section are:

  • What does Alice find down the hole? Draw it.
  •  Doodling hats on the Mad Hatter
  • Decorating and describing potion bottles
  • If you were the queen, what would the rules in your queendom be?
  • Imagining the life of a frog footman
  • and more!

Doodle Lit

Other authors included are William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Mark Twain, Emily Bronte, Ruyard Kipling and more.

This book could be used a variety of ways to enhance literature and/or art in any homeschool environment. An artistic or doodling enthusiastic child could use and enjoy this book without ever reading a single work by the authors included.Doodle Lit

I am torn about how to use the rest of the Doodle Lit book. I will either save it to pull out over the next several years, allowing my daughter to complete the relevant section based on authors studied in literature. I know this will help her creative brain spend more time thinking through what she reads. Or, I might leave the Doodle Lit book on her art shelf, allowing the doodling prompts to peak her interest in (hopefully) choosing to read new classic authors on her own.Doodle Lit

Doodle Lit is one of the many hands on learning supplies included in Timberdoodle’s 8th Grade Curriculum Kit.


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