5 on Friday- Garth + Farm Life

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What a whirlwind few weeks. Beautiful weather means Jon demands ‘SIDE!’ as soon as his feet hit the ground, and he wants to stay out all day.
In fact, as I was writing this post he woke up from a nap. After, “Mommy!” his next word was, “Side!” When I asked if he wanted dinner he said, “No! OUTSIDE RIGHT NOW!”2016-03-17_0002
That means a lot of laundry, and not enough checking things off the to do list. I am so glad that the flexibility of homeschooling means school can happen outside!

So, what have we been up to?

Work around the Farm

Spring is trial by fire with the to do list and wish list around here.

First Miriam, Michael, and I built the picnic table that we bought over a year ago. I knew we could ask for help building our table, but I wanted to do alone. 5 on Friday Picnic Table
I think we did a pretty good job on our table! And now I can use a table saw and drill. Michael is trying to decide what we should build next.
Thank goodness for that huge 8 ft table- plenty of room for school on these beautiful spring days!5 on Friday Picnic Table

We also knocked down an old run-down fence. That was pretty fun!2016-03-17_0003And, I finally gave in and electrified Clover’s fence. No more escaping piggy!

2016-03-14_0033Another thing I was nervous about doing myself, but it really was pretty easy after all.

Electric Fence installation
Jon said, “My try??”

There was a moment, after several afternoons work, when we turned on the electricity, Clover touched the wire and nothing happened. I almost cried right then. Thankfully, I immediately realized I’d crimped the fence wire and the electricity wire on separate sides of the little clamp dohicky. A quick readjustment and the next time Clover touched that fence we knew it!

Next up is a fire pit and then the garden. I’m surprisingly worried about the garden- I’ve never had a green thumb, but I’m certainly learning to do all kinds of things I never did before. I hope we have a least some success with the garden. I’m hoping for lots of garden fresh guacamole and canning my first pickles this summer!2016-03-17_0005

Garth Brooks!

Y’all know I’m not one to turn down adventure, so when my cousin came over and asked if I’d like to see Garth Brooks in concert… and we’d be leaving in an hour… I threw on jeans and a tank top, stole cowboy boots from my aunt across the street and raided Mom’s jewelry box.

I can’t even tell you how awesome my evening was… dinner at a real restaurant, the company of my wonderful cousins, and a concert that brought me back to the songs of my teen years.

Garth in Raleigh

 On Disappointment

Several tornados came through our area recently. While we, thankfully didn’t see a tornado at our house, the winds were strong enough to pick up our trampoline and take it all the way across the road and into a pasture. After trying several ways to repair it, we’ve determined it isn’t salvageable.

The kids were so excited to get a trampoline from Santa- really that’s all Santa brought them, plus stockings and a few family board games. They’ve been out on that trampoline even when their toes felt like ice cubes, and it broke before they got to enjoy spring and summer on it.Trampoline

At first I was surprised that they took it well, when we figured out the trampoline was gone; no one threw a fit, there were no tears.

I realized that my kids are used to disappointment. They’ve learned to roll with the punches, and that very little is a big deal.  Part of me hates that they’ve had such hard knocks while so young. But, at the same time they’ve already learned valuable lessons that many adults don’t know.

Life isn’t easy… money doesn’t grow on trees… be thankful for what you have, but don’t hold ‘stuff’ too tightly.

And most importantly, as long as we have each other, everything else is just gravy.

The Calm Before the Storm

As busy as its been just with life and work, this is the calm before the storm. Next week sports season starts and life will revolve around practices and games for awhile. I’ve got 5 kids playing on 4 teams…. eeekkkk! I’m actually looking forward to it, and the kids can’t wait. It’s been several years since we’ve been settled enough to play sports and they are so ready.


Do you love LuLaRoe? The craze is just finding it’s way to our small town. Miriam has a pair of the cutest piggy leggings, and a skirt is on my wishlist.

My friend Jocelyn is a brand new LLR consultant, and she’s hosting a $25 giveaway in her LLR Facebook group as part of her launch. If you love LLR head over and join Jocelyn’s group!LUlaRoe


Whew, life is busy… and pretty awesome!

Dirt Digging Dirt Digging Dirt Digging

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    1. LOL!!! No Aunt Ginny has mud boots…. Actually I was at Mom’s with only an overnight bag, so I stole them from my Aunt Kathy. I had my own cowboy boots at Grandma’s but not here at moms!

  1. You have been very busy and it shows in the pics! You’ve gotten so much accomplished already this spring! I wonder if the insurance would cover the trampoline or maybe not, the deductible is always the clincher! I hate they lost their trampoline but so glad you guys weren’t hit by the tornado!
    Such fun to see Garth! I want to go!!!

  2. I have talked about moving to a farm, but since the kids are now older, schooling is an issue. Maybe I will retire to one!

  3. I love your picnic table and I think it is so special that you had your little ones to help you. You have much going on in your life! I am glad your little ones understand to take the ups and downs life brings.

  4. My wife’s family used to own a farm that she grew up on. It has been sold off now. I wish they still had it so my kids could have experienced some of the “farm life.” Thanks for sharing some of your own experiences.

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