Simple Outdoor Summer Meals Make Momma Happy

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When it comes to summer meals, my criteria is simple. It’s gotta be quick, easy, and require very little clean up. Big huge bonus if we can easily eat outside picnic style.

Because outside dining automatically means way less clean up when kids are involved, amiright? 

One of my favorite summer meals is a simple picnic-style dinner of hotdogs piled high with chili and coleslaw, sliced watermelon, and potato chips.Simple Summer Meals Make Momma Happy.

Since this meal is all about easy: keep meal prep nearly non-existent with great tasting HORMEL® Chili and store-bought coleslaw. Carry the watermelon and a knife to the picnic table and do the cutting there. The only clean up needed for the sticky watermelon juice is a quick spray down with the water hose. If your kids eat watermelon like mine, you might as well spray the kids and the picnic table at the same time! Ask hubby to grill the hotdogs, and you’ve really got it made! All that’s left is opening the bag of chips.

Simple Summer Meals Make Momma Happy.

We’re talking about spending less time cooking and cleaning and more time enjoying summer with your family. No trying to be Pinterest perfect here! Serve dinner with paper goods, and clean up becomes a breeze.Quick and Easy summer meal idea with Hormel Chili. Also, check out the links for #HormelChiliNation with yummy recipes using Hormel Chili from all 50 states. Plus grab a great coupon for Hormel Chili (and other several other Hormel products too!)

With a meal like that there is plenty of time left in the evening for a family game of softball! Or if you’re family isn’t quite as big as ours, how about freeze tag?

Simple Summer Meals Make Momma Happy.

Looking for more great summer meals using HORMEL® Chili? Check out the HORMEL® Chili website for a sampling of recipes and chili pairings from every state. HORMEL® Chili shared over 50 regional ways to enjoy chili on their website and Facebook page to show fans Chili Nation, a nation that has declared their love for all things chili!

While you are there don’t forget to print out a coupon for HORMEL® Chili!



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