7 Sneaky Ways to Use a Computer to Get Your Child Learning Without Even Realizing It

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As a homeschooling Mom, I’m always looking for ways to squeeze learning into our day in addition to our traditional curriculum and textbooks.
This year we added a dedicated school computer to our home. Not only will my children complete several subjects using software curriculum, but I also plan to enrich and expand their learning using the new computer.

Children see a computer as a fancy, fun toy- yet nearly every activity on the computer expands their knowledge and abilities. What a great tool to build independent learning into the day!


7 Sneaky Ways to Use a Computer to Get Your Child Learning… Without Even Realizing It

Use games to teach math and logic.

The educational game possibilities through subscription based online games or more traditional software are endless. I’m still researching what educational game programs to use with my children this year, it’s hard to narrow down all the options!

Research interest based topics and present the information in a fun way.

After installing child safety settings on the computer, children can research interest based topics online. Rather than writing a report, he can present the information in a fun way such as making a movie, or a virtual magazine using clipart and photographs found online.

Email friends and family to practice spelling and writing.

Email is such a great way to gently present sentence and paragraph structure to a child. Plus, spell check can help kids recognize and correct misspelled words.

Interview professionals or learn family history using Skype or other video chat software.

Video chat programs open up a whole word of possibility when it comes to talking to professionals or learning history from far away family members. Why not allow your child to virtually interview a professional from an industry he aspires to work in? This can take those “What do you want to be when you grow up” projects to a whole new level!

Video chats are also a great way to learn family history from out-of-town family members.

Learn coding with games and software.

In a world saturated with technology and computers, childhood is the perfect time to start learning the ins and outs of technology!

Go on virtual field trips.

The internet and a computer opens up the entire world to field trips. Many historical places and museums have virtual tours on their websites.

Take the frustration out of writing a story.

Writing by hand hinders creativity for many students. They write shorter sentences and stories due to fatigue and choose words based on their spelling ability. For an older child who can type, may of these things are alleviated. Typing is quicker, and spell check allows for using bigger words. Even for younger children, or those still learning to type, there are other ways to take the frustration out of story writing using a computer. Children can use voice recording programs, or a webcam to record a story. Removing the mechanics of writing allows for greater creativity, especially in the planning and first draft processes of writing.

School starts on Monday here. I cannot wait to see the difference having a computer for the children will make in our homeschool. I will have 5 students in our homeschool this year, from Kindergarten to 7th grade! Turing toward self-teaching curriculum using the computer for some subjects will literally add hours to my day!

How do you use a computer to enrich learning in your home?

Explore more ways to use HP during back to school season!

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  1. i am so amazed at how kids can learn with a computer. They aren’t just for games anymore. I personally need to get a new desktop for the house and a laptop for myself.

  2. I think it is wonderful that kids are able to take advantage of technology assisting them in learning. I bet your kids are excited to use their new learning tool and it sounds like a very affordable solution.

  3. We try to sneak in learning in many ways. I love cooking because it can spark a conversation about culture travel and much more. Plus it’s math and science too. Learning is always around.

  4. I love the virtual field trip idea! My son struggles with handwriting so he’s always preferred to type his work. I need to start encouraging him to e-mail our relatives too. Thanks for all the tips!

  5. You are so right! There are so many fun ways that kids can learn by using the computer. They think it’s playing and I’m glad to count it as learning!

    I never thought about interviewing someone over Skype. That’s a great idea!

  6. My daughter struggles with hand-fatigue when she writes so I often allow her to type her papers and longer assignments. I love the idea of taking virtual field trips. I’ll have to check that out for the upcoming homeschool year.

  7. I love the idea of sending emails. Great way to practice writing and continuing the art of correspondence. It seems like a fun way to keep in touch with family and friends while sneaking in writing lessons too.

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