10 Backpack Essentials for Teen Boys

Guys tend to be more on the minimalist side when it comes to what they pack in a backpack. However, whether they are traveling or going to school, there are usually a few things you want to make sure they have ready to go. Many of these items can stay in their backpack all year, but you may not want to leave everything there. Here are ten backpack essentials for teen boys.

Water bottle

Get your son a reusable water bottle to put in their backpack. While they’re on the go, they can quickly fill this up and use it throughout the day. If their bag doesn’t have a side slot for their water bottle, make sure you get one that won’t leak!

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Whether they’re playing outside with friends or just driving around town, having sunglasses is a must for teen boys. No matter what time of year it is, I promise they will find a time to wear them.

Deodorant or body spray

After gym class or even just existing sometimes, having a quick way to freshen up is always a good idea. Body spray is a good option for after gym when they don’t have time to shower, and deodorant is an excellent long-lasting option for after school sports.


In general, guys don’t go all out when it comes to decorating their bags. This is why having a keychain for their keys or to add something extra to their bag is a must! This doesn’t need to be anything flashy, something simple will do the trick. Plus, he’ll never lose his keys. 


Whether they’re using an iPod or a phone, having headphones on hand will come in handy no matter where they’re going. You may also want to send them with a small case for them to keep them from getting tangled up.

Cell phone

Make sure you don’t let your teen leave the house without a cell phone! This way, they can be reached for emergencies or when you need to get ahold of them. Make sure also to send them with a phone charger too.


Even if your teen decides to buy their lunch, it can be helpful to pack a few snacks for them to take to school. Teen boys are always hungry, aren’t they!?


Whether it’s something to nibble on that will pass the time until lunch, or just a way to freshen their breath, gum is a must for any teen backpack.

Small battery pack

Having a small battery pack will come in handy for charging their phone. The worst thing you can have is the excuse “my phone died” while they are away at school. You can buy small battery packs that are around $15 that will last for multiple charges throughout the day.


Guys don’t carry purses, which means they’ll need a way to keep their cash and everything else safe. Having a wallet, they can easily slide into their backpack is a great way to make sure they have all the essentials ready to go.

No matter what age teenager you have at home, these essentials are a must for their backpack!

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