Teach Kids to Code with Bitsbox

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As a homeschool mom, there are many subjects I’d love to teach my children that I don’t have the knowledge to teach. I’m thankful to be homeschooling during an era that offers many resources for all the things my kids need to learn that I don’t know.

Computer science is most definitely one of those unknown subjects. In my own life I’ve never even considered learning how to code and I never took a computer science course, yet computer science is something that children really ought to learn these days.

Technology is everywhere, and I fully expect that many of my children will have to deal with technology in their careers whether or not they choose a technology specific career.

When I thought about teaching my children to code I pictured pouring through dry how-to manuals and entering long lines of random characters into a computer screen. It was one of those subjects that just seemed too overwhelming to even attempt.

And then Bitsbox came to the rescue.

Bitsbox is a monthly subscription box for children ages 6 to 12 that teaches them how to code as they create fun apps. Each month the box introduces a new computer science concept that kids can learn independently!

Did you read that- INDEPENDENTLY! Not only will your kids learn coding independently, but they won’t even realize they are ‘doing school.’

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In your first Bitsbox you’ll find an Apper Keeper binder that will store all the pieces of the Bitsbox. (This Apper Keeper will hold 6 months of Bitsbox materials).

The contents of Bitsbox

Your child will choose a card and follow the instructions on the back to create an app.

After finishing the coding, she’ll hit play and the app will come to life. Your child can even send her newly created app to a mobile device!

Kids can keep up with their progress by placing a sticker beside each app as it is completed on the tracking card.

My children have been using and enjoying Bitsbox for about a week now. They love it and so do I. Some of my favorite Bitsbox features:

  • One Bitsbox subscription works for the whole family. With a large family I often skip subscription boxes, no matter how great they are since the costs for 6 children add up quickly. With Bitsbox each child can create an online login to work on his or her apps. With that login your child can also revisit all the apps she’s created at any time.
  • It’s truly an independent curriculum for the majority of kids ages 6+. I sat down with my 8-year-old once to walk her through completing one app. Since then she has spent countless hours independently working through the app cards. My 10-year-old didn’t need any help at all to get started. My 6 year old was the only exception, but he’s a young 6, in Kindergarten and not yet reading. I think many 1st graders would be more independent.
  • It is the perfect computer science curriculum for elementary school. I can’t think of another subject that is so fun for my kids and easy for me!
  • It keeps kids occupied for hours – and they are learning the whole time! They are learning an important subject and skill while also exercising creativity and advancing they computer skills. What more could you ask for?

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