Homeschooling Tips for Working Moms

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Homeschooling can be difficult. It can be even more difficult when you re trying to juggle homeschooling and working yourself.

In the end, homeschooling even if it means making some major adjustments in your life, can be a huge asset to your child’s future allowing you to provide them with a complete and customized education.

These tips will help you and other working moms like you thrive while homeschooling. 

Involve your partner or hire a tutor.

It can be so easy to force yourself to do all of the work, as many working moms do with everything else but for your child’s sake, you should speak up and get help from your partner to help manage the household and homeschooling. Involve your partner ins subjects you may not want to teach or your child may be a bit more stubborn in to take some of the stress of homeschooling off of your shoulders.  

You can also invest in a tutor to help out with some subjects.

Be open to a year-round homeschooling schedule.

When you are working year round it is easier to call it a night stress-free if you didn’t get everything you wanted to be done for the day because you know you have plenty of time to make it up and fill in any gaps later in the week, month or year.

Think outside of the box in terms of scheduling.

School doesn’t have to happen in the morning. Your children can complete their school in the evenings when your work schedule allows, just as well as they can complete it during typical “school” hours.

You can also complete school on weekends rather than week days, giving your children days off of school during your work week.

Get out often.

Field trips are one of the best parts of homeschooling and can be enjoyed on your days off. This is a great way to give your kids a hands-on education without missing out on the fun while your child care provider or partner does the field trips without you. 

Look for a curriculum that allows you to teach your children at the same time.

While not all subjects can be taught this way many can and it can be a major blessing to get lessons done with multiple kids at once to save time for other things. 

Look for curriculums that are self teaching.

Many modern homeschool curriculums are written in a way that allows children to teach themselves. Or consider online classes or DVD lessons.

Have older kids work with younger ones.

One great way to get lessons in faster is to have an older child work with younger ones. While cooking dinner one the same room where you can help your older child help explain math problems or test a younger child’s spelling. This is also a great sneaky way to help cement concepts for the older child as it has been proven we remember more of what we teach to others than other ways of learning. 

Get down to the basics.

When you are overwhelmed at work, it is okay to prioritize school subjects. Your children don’t have to take art or grammar every year!

Get everyone to chip in with the house.

When kids are home all day every day things can get messy fast and this can be a major issue that leads to more stress than you need while balancing everything on your plate. Have your family help chip in with household chores and develop systems that help make everyday cleaning and tasks easier on you. 

Use kitchen tools like your slow cooker or instant pot to make feeding your family easier.

When you work all day and have lessons to finish with your children when you get home it can be a big help to have everything you need ready for dinner without having to spend time minding the stove while working on reading with your child. 

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  1. Hi Amanda, I really like your blog. Involving your partner in household work is helpful, it helps in managing your time and schedule easily. Thanks for your tips, keep writing!

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