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Free Printable Fall Fun Activities

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These free printable fall fun activities for kids are perfect for cold and rainy fall days. Kids love completing these fall themed worksheets.

These fall fun printable activities work well for kids from preK all the way through elementary school, though younger children may need help with the word search.

Print one of these fall fun activities packets for each child in your home and let them get started!

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Get started with the Trace and Color worksheet. Children simply trace each fall pumpkin, gourd, and squash before coloring them in. Challenge your kids to pick fall themed colors for each item.

This Fall I-Spy worksheet is my kids’ favorite worksheet. Simply count each item and enter the number found in the box provided.

When your children complete this adorable fall coloring sheet with acorn and pumpkin people, attach it to the refrigerator for some fun fall kitchen decor.

Get your children familiar with the words of fall with this fun fall word search.

This fall “what comes next” worksheet is a great way for your kids to practice pattern recognition.

Download your fall fun activities packet pdf and watch your kids enjoy an afternoon of fall themed fun.

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