5 Ways to Get your Kids to Read this Summer

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During the summer months, you’ll find me reading more books and even reading more than I would during the rest of the year.

When it comes to my kids, they would rather play outside or swim at the pool than read a book.

Getting your kids to read during the summer isn’t impossible, and after a few days, they may even learn to love it!

Here are 5 ways to get your kids to read this summer.

Make reading a part of your daily routine

Reading isn’t always a habit or something that comes naturally for us. If you want to make sure your kids start reading daily, make it a part of their daily routine!

Set aside a time each day for your kids to read. If you don’t want to stick to a set schedule, have them use reading to earn activities such as TV time or time with friends.

Let your kids pick out the books they read

Your kids are more likely to read more and actually enjoy the books they read if they get a say in what they’re reading.

Take your kids to the library or book store and let them pick out the books they want to read.

You can even turn this into a weekly activity that you get to do together. Make sure that the books they are choosing aren’t outside of their reading level, and it’s something they can reasonably finish.

Get a variety of reading material

Have you ever found yourself in a funk of not wanting to read? This happens to all of us!

However, the cause might be that you don’t have enough variety in your reading selection!

Make sure that your kids have a variety of reading material to keep things interesting.

Make reading time a family activity

If you want to make reading time fun for your kids, turn it into an activity the whole family does together!

Grab your books and sit on the couch together! You can read aloud to your kids and read the same story together, or you can do independent reading but at the same time.

My kids love our summer time S’mores + Books nights where I read aloud to them after we enjoy s’mores together.

If your kids see you picking up a book at the same time, they are more likely to want to do the same. 

Create a reading challenge for your kids

Kids love challenges and contests.

Make a challenge with your kids based on their reading level and capabilities for how many books they can finish in the summer! You can even make it a family challenge and make a trip the reward for finishing all their books!

This is a great way to motivate stubborn children and make reading a rewarding experience for everyone.

Make sure the reading challenge isn’t too easy or you could end up with one month of intense reading and nothing for the rest of the summer. Have milestones everyone needs to reach to keep the momentum going toward the larger prize.

Getting your kids to read during the summer can be hard. With these tips, they’ll not only look forward to reading but keep them reading during the summer months.

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