Best Reusable Water Bottles for Teens

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Are you looking for the best reusable water bottle for your teen’s backpack or purse?

It’s so important for everyone to get enough water each day, and that’s especially true for our busy and active teenagers.

These days a public water fountain can be hard to find, and we want our teens to steer clear of resorting to too many sodas when away from home and at school.

Providing your teen with a stylish and reliable reusable water bottle is a great way to help your teen stay hydrated all day long.

*Tip- if your teen is likely to leave their water bottle in a locker accidentally, or you prefer to run the dishwasher in the morning you might want to consider buying 2 (or even 3) water bottles for your teen to rotate to insure that they are never without an available, clean and empty water bottle when they leave the house each day.

How to Choose the Best Water Bottle for Teens


Because aesthetic is important to many teens, finding a water bottle your teen considers cool or cute is one of the top considerations you should look at when buying a water bottle for your teen.

Size and Shape

You’ll want a water bottle big enough to make it between refill opportunities, while also being a size that will fit in the backpack or purse your teen will be carrying.

For teen boys with large backpacks and big thirst, you’ll likely want a 32 or 40 oz water bottle.

While for teen girls carrying smaller bags and purses you may want to consider a 16, 20, or 24 oz size.

Shape can also be an important factor depending on how your teen will be carrying their water bottle. If your teens backpack has a water bottle pocket on the outside, it’s important to make sure the water bottle fits securely in the pocket.

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Features and Design

Water bottle comes with so many possible features! Take a moment to consider which features will be most important to your teen.

Material – Will your teen prefer metal, plastic, or glass protected by silicone?

Lid- Does your teen prefer a screw top, flip top, or straw?

Opening- Will your teen prefer a wide mouth for adding ice and easy refills, or a narrow mouth for easier sipping?

Feature- Is an insulated bottle important to your teen? Or a bottle with a clip to hook to a backpack?

The Best Water Bottles for Teens

If style and function are your teen’s priority, you can’t go wrong with a Swell bottle. You’ll find 15, 16, 17, 25, and 40 oz sizes in a variety of trendy prints and solid colors. These coated metal bottles have a narrow design, perfect for fitting into a backpack’s water bottle pocket.

Looking for a tried and true brand? Check out the huge variety of bottles Nalgene has to offer. These durable, leak-proof bottles come in a variety of sizes and closures. You can choose anything from 16 to 48 ozs, as well as wide mouth or narrow, screw cap or flip cap.

Hydroflask coated metal bottles come in a variety of fun solid colors. They also offer many lid options- sport lid, flex sip, straw lid, or screw cap, so you are sure to find one that suits your teen well. These wide mouth bottles in sizes 16, 20, 32, or 40oz are both stylish and easy to clean! If you are a narrow mouth fan, their 21 or 24 oz bottles may be your favorite.

Another tried and true brand with a variety of options is the Contigo brand of water bottles. This brand of water bottles has a great, low price point while still being trustworthy and giving a lot of options! You can choose metal or plastic, insulated or not, straw, spout, screw top and more! Not to mention a large variety of sizes and shapes offered.

Camelbak bottles have been around for years. As a teenager I loved hiking with my favorite Camelbak bottle! Their signature bite straws give your teen a truly leak proof straw top bottle. However, Eddy plastic bottles with bite-valve straws are no longer the only typed of bottle Camelbak offers. Their ChuteMag bottles have a magnetic top so your teen won’t have to deal with the issue of the top hitting their face as they try to sip. They also offer a bottle with a carry cap, which makes them great for hooking to backpacks with a carabiner. While the Podium bottle has a traditional sport cap which can be great for very active teens.
You can also choose plastic, insulated, metal, or even glass for your Camelbak bottle!

If style is a top priority for your teen, Corkcicle water bottles make sustainable stylish. These water bottles have an iconic shape and offer many trendy colors. If your child wants a stylish water bottle with a trendy print, these are the water bottles for them. These insulated water bottles will keep your teens water cold for 25 hours! The original water bottle comes in 16 or 25 oz, while the sport canteen comes in 20 or 40 oz with a folding metal straw and metal loop on the cap for easy carrying , while the 20 oz hybrid gives your teen a glass water bottle with a triple insulated base.

Klean Kanteen offers a wide range of classic metal water bottles your teen might prefer. These bottles also come in a variety of sizes, neck widths and lids. You can choose a loop cap for ease of carrying, a sport top for quick sipping, or even a straw or chug top! They also offer both insulated and non-insulated water bottles.

Use this guide to help your teen choose the water bottle that will best fit their needs and personality!

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