Great Reads {August}

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Will it really be September tomorrow? I’m not ready to give up summer, but I am looking forward to cozying up on the porch swing with a good read, my quilt and hot coffee.

My favorite good reads of August- books and blog posts
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Speaking of good reads, I’m sharing my favorite reads of August- both books and blog posts.


The Nightingale– I stayed up way too late several nights because I could not put this one down. It’s the story of World War II through the eyes of two French sisters. Beautiful story!

God Is Able– Better buy your own copy in paperback, because it will likely be highlighted, notes filling margins and favorite page corners turned down by the time you finish!

Blog Posts

I left my heart in Myers Quad– If you are a mom, this post will wreck you in the very best possible way. Get the tissues. “Growing up is hard. Mostly on the parents.”

Seriously, read it. Then bookmark it to read again when your baby really does grow up and leave the nest.

Summer Story ’15 {Exhale}– Exhale, let go… A reminder I needed. Embrace the imperfection!

Study: Children Are 800% Worse When Their Mothers Are In The Room – I had to laugh at this spoof study after seeing it floating all over social media. But then, this post, summed up my feelings on the matter perfectly.

And then, carseats… I love this Mom’s post about carseat safety, and how we should do better when we know better.

I know firsthand. I turned my first baby forward facing BEFORE her first birthday at barely 20 pounds… hoping she’d cry less in the car. Baby number 6 is now 21 months and WAY over 20 lbs, yet still rear-facing. As tempting as it is to make that big boy step and turn him around- I just don’t. I can’t control what happens to us, I can’t prevent a crash. But I can do my best to make sure everyone in my car is as safe as possible. It’s not living scared…it’s living smart!

What were your favorite reads this month? I’d love to hear them! 




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  1. Agree with you on God is Able. One of the best Christian nonfiction books I’ve ever read. Mine is high-lighted, tabbed, and dog-eared. Highly recommend it.

  2. I remember reading the post about children being worse when moms are in the room and could so relate! My children would be independent, happy, and free when I covertly watched them. As soon as they saw me, ALL the drama popped out!

  3. OH my, I’m not a book reader but I do have a few blogs I read – One is Mainly Homemade. She just changed her blog’s name and has gone mostly homemade with every thing she does. It’s great. Another one is Giggles Galore – she does a wonderful job on party posts.

  4. My favorite read this month is Bait and Switch Life with a Two-Faced Narcissist. It was a truly eye-opening book and can be enjoyed by anyone.

  5. I finally read The Hunger Games and I must say it was so much better than the movie. I love how you also included blogs in your round up. I really like that idea.

  6. I’m going to check out some of those blog posts. I’ve been doing a lot of audio “reading” lately. I’m listening to The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks right now.

  7. thank you so so much for sharing your car seat story and linking my post. The more we talk about it, the more other moms get comfortable with being “corrected” and the unknowing moms become informed. ❤️

    1. Thanks for writing such a great post Candace! So true, that being informed is so important! In this, it’s not a matter of preference, but of safety!

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