Journey through the Bible with The Biggest Story {review + giveaway}

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I love adding to our collection of children’s Bibles to read with my children, so I was very excited to review this new picture book by Kevin DeYoung for Family Christian!The Biggest Story Review

The Biggest Story: How the Snake Crusher Brings Us Back to the Garden, is a children’s Bible unlike any other I’ve ever read. It focuses on connecting Bible stories together to highlight God’s plan of redemption for his people. Rather than aiming to re-tell every story in the Bible, the author highlights the basics in 10 chapters. The Biggest Story ReviewThe first 6 chapters start at the beginning with creation and follow Israel through their ups and downs as a nation; touching on Moses, Abraham, David & Goliath and more. Chapters 7-9 tell of Jesus birth, life and death & resurrection. While chapter 10 tells of Jesus’ promised return. I really love the inclusion of the last chapter. So many children’s picture story Bibles just stop before Revelation, never teaching children of what is to come- what Jesus’ return means. This book dedicates a whole chapter to it! I also can’t leave out the mention of the illustrations in the book; they are so detailed, vibrant and captivating. We see something new each time we open it!The Biggest Story Review

My favorite thing about this book? The message and focus. It shows how over and over again Biblical characters messed up, but God continued to extend grace and second (third? fourth?) chances to Israel to get it right and worship Him. And when even then they still continued to make big mistakes God still kept his promises. Israel had blessing after blessing, but still they made terrible decisions and messed up big. And yet, God sent Jesus… for Israel, for usThe Biggest Story Review

It’s so easy to teach children about Bible heroes, all the great and mighty things they did with God’s help. But we often forget to point out the mistakes those heroes made. Kids need to know that even the heroes sinned. Everyone sins! That’s what Jesus came for!

So, if you want a book that teaches your children about God’s grace- this is it! I’ve been looking for a good book to read with my younger children as an Easter advent. This is perfect. I plan to read one chapter a night for the 10 days leading up to Easter.The Biggest Story Review

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The Biggest Story

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  1. This book sounds great. I am looking for similar books for my little ones.

    I’d love to win the gift card to purchase one! Great blog!

  2. I love all the pictures. The book looks like a book my kids would love to read and look at. What a great giveaway.

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