Awesome Avengers Party Ideas

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If your child is all about Avengers these days these Avengers party ideas are sure to be a hit at your child’s next birthday party.

An Avengers birthday party is so much fun to plan and enjoy! Keep reading for awesome Avengers party ideas! You’ll find all the best Avengers theme party ideas here!

Keep reading for great ideas that will help help you throw the ultimate Avengers superhero party!

How to throw an Avengers Party

  1. Pack your Avengers party color scheme. Many of the Avengers use primary colors, so you are safe to choose red, blue, and yellow. You could also make the color scheme more modern by choosing to use mostly black and white with one pop of color such as red or yellow.
  2. Purchase, print, or make your party invitations. Avoid the mail by having your child create a party invitation, taking a photo of it, then sending the invite via text message or email.
  3. Decorate for the Avengers party using your chosen color scheme and fun party supplies.
  4. Prepare and serve Avengers themed party treats and cupcakes or cake.
  5. Choose fun Avengers themed party drinks. You can simply make or print water bottle labels, or create a fun punch.
  6. Plan Avengers themed games and activities for the party.
  7. Buy or make Avengers themed party favors for the children to take home.

How to make an Avengers Party Fun

  • Play some fun Avengers themed games.
  • Play pin the star on Captain America’s shield.
  • Make Avengers crafts with the kids.
  • Set out Avengers temporary tattoos for kids to put on.
  • Serve fun Avengers party treats.
  • Create an Avengers party drink for the kids.
  • Make (or buy) a Captain America shield piñata for the kids to enjoy.
  • Set up an Avengers theme photo booth with Avengers costumes and photo props.
  • Encourage kids to dress up as their favorite Avengers characters. Have extra costumes on hand for guest to enjoy.
  • Set up an Avengers face painting area so the kids can get their faces painted like superhero.
  • Make (or buy) Avengers masks for kids to wear during the party .
  • Play Hulk smash. Hav kids put on hulk gloves and smash water balloons filled with
  • Have kids color these free printable Avengers coloring sheets from The Typical Mom

Avengers Treat Ideas for an Avengers Party

Serving Avengers themed party treats is a great way to make your party festive while also adding additional Avengers decor to your party table at the same time!

Print these free printable Avengers cupcake toppers from The Savvy Mama Lifestyle

Make these yummy and easy Incredible Hulk cookies from Messy Little Monster

These adorable Thor Cookies from the Inspiration Edit are a must have for any Avengers Party! I just can’t get over that fun marshmallow hammer!

If you are looking for an edible activity, this simple and fun Spiderman Cake in a Jar from messy Little Monster is a great choice!

These super easy Spiderman donuts from Pint Sized Treatsures are made from cake mix! What a great grab and go treat to serve at your Avengers party!

Hulk Treat Cups and Hulk Krispy Treats from Simplistically Living are a Hulk themed party treats the kids are sure to love!

Spiderman Popcorn Balls from the Kids Activities Blog can be enjoyed at your Avengers party, or even sent home as adorable and delicious party favors!

Awesome Avengers Party Supplies

Making your Avengers party festive is easy with themed Avengers party supplies and decor.

You can purchase choose a party color scheme that matches your child’s favorite avenger and then fill in with a few purchased party supplies.

Think about how you will set up your party area, then make a list of party supplies you need to buy.

Adorable Avengers Party Crafts

Crafts are a great way to allow kids to have fun and make a memory to take home from the party. These fun Avengers party crafts are sure to make all your superheros happy!

Paper crafts are easy party crafts! Simply print out copies of the templates, grab a stack of construction paper and place the craft supplies on a table with scissors, glue, and markers. Kids will be able to create whichever superhero they prefer during craft time.

Here are the directions and templates for the Avengers paper crafts:

This Captain America toilet paper roll craft is also another simple and fun Avengers party craft.

If you are looking for a super simple craft and activity. These printable Avengers finger puppets are the perfect choice for party craft time. Simply print them out and provide scissors and tape to the party guests.

DIY Avengers Masks by the Momma Diaries are another fun party craft choice.

Avengers Party Favors

If you like to give DIY party favors, Avengers Bath Bombs are a great party favor to send home with your Avengers party guests. Try these glow in the dark Avengers Infinity Stone Bombs from This Mama Loves. Or try the Dollar Crafter’s Hulk Surprise Bath Bombs that will turn kids bathtubs into Bruce Banner’s lab.

Or create marvelous Avengers gift bags to send home with your party guests. Fill them with candy, Avengers pencils, a notebook, stickers, and Avengers temporary tattoos.

These Avengers party activities, supplies, and treats will be a great way to make an Avengers party even more awesome!

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