DIY Captain America Craft

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If your kids love the Avengers, then they’ll want to make this fun Captain America craft.

Simply print out the template below and follow the easy instructions to make your Captain America craft.

You’ll find even more superhero crafts here, after you compete this one!

how to make a captain america puppet

Once made, this Captain America makes a great puppet. Kids can enjoy hours of imaginative play with their Captain America puppet after finishing this fun and easy craft.

How to make a Captain America puppet

How to Make a Captain America Craft


  • Colored paper
  • Craft glue
  • Marker
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Template


Print and cut out the Captain America template.

Choose colored paper for your Captain America. You’ll need a skin tone, as well as red, white and blue papers.

Trace the template pieces for the body, arms, mask, and smallest piece of shield onto blue paper.

Trace the templates for the belt, mask wings, A, stars and the 2nd largest shield circle on to white.

Trace the template pieces for the belt stripes, gloves, shoes, the biggest and 3rd largest shield circle onto red paper.

Cut out all your Captain America pieces.

Glue the red stripes onto the belt.

Glue the A onto the middle of the mask and glue the wings to the sides of the mask.

Glue the gloves to the ends of the arms and the shoes onto the ends of the legs.

Glue the biggest star onto the blue circle and the blue circle onto the smaller red circle. Glue the white circle onto the largest red circle.

Glue the mask onto Captain America’s face.

Glue the belt to the middle of the body.

Finish the shield by glueing the smaller piece to the larger one.

Glue the smaller start to the body.

Glue the eyes onto the mask.

Attach the arms just behind the body at the shoulder.

Glue Captain America’s head onto his body.

Use a marker to draw the nose and mouth of the Captain America onto his face. Then glue the shield onto his body.

make captain america

Thats it! Your Captain America craft is complete!

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