35 Cute & Clever Superhero Crafts for Kids

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These cute and clever superhero crafts are the perfect for superhero obsessed kids.

Kids of all ages will love these amazing superhero crafts!

superhero crafts for kids

I can’t tell you how often my kids are flying around the house with capes, masks, and shields pretending to be superheros saving the day.

These superhero crafts are perfect for simply making a superhero craft or two with your kids on a rainy day, or choosing an fun craft to match a birthday party theme.

Check out these 35 great superhero craft ideas – they are sure to include many of your children’s favorite superheros!

Crafts that turn into imaginative play are my favorite! They are great additions to parties and playdates. Not only do you spend time crafting, but kids can then use their craft in imaginative play later during the party!

Superhero Crafts for Kids

This adorable DIY superhero craft is Avengers bookmarks. Your child can make Thor, Captain America, Spiderman, and Ironman bookmarks. This fun craft includes a free printable template for the superheros.

If your kids loves Batman then this toilet paper roll Batman and Robin craft is a great choice!

If your child loves the DC comics character, these superhero puppets are a great choice. They can also be used as bookmarks!

This cute Captain America toilet paper roll craft is super simple, thanks to the free printable template provided!

These Superhero Mason Jar Banks are not only a fun craft, but also a great way to get your kids excited about saving money.

Felt Superhero Masks from Cutesy Crafts would be great party favors, plus you can encourage some imaginative play during a party by giving each child a mask to play with!

These easy Batman Wrist Cuffs are a quick party craft that kids can enjoy all party long (and beyond!) Plus, there is a free printable, to make the craft even easier on busy party days!

Here is another set of Superhero cuffs that would be fun to make on party day.

These Superhero Cape T-Shirts look so easy to make! I’m all for easy. Grab some solid primary colored t-shirts and make a stack for party day!

While you might not be able to make this DIY Captain America Shield with a child’s help, it sure would make a superhero loving child very happy!

If that shield is too much work for you, check out this superhero shield that kids can make themselves.

This quick and easy DIY Captain America Notebook is a great party favor for a superhero party. 

These Superhero Puppets made with craft sticks and a free printable pattern from Messy Little Monster are so adorable. They are perfect for a superhero party, since each child can choose his or her favorite superhero to make! Will your child choose Batman, Superman, Ironman, Flash or Captain America?

superhero craft for kids- puppets

Kids can make this cute and easy Captain America mask themselves. The free printable makes it easy for your kid to unleash his inner superhero!

Paper plates are the base of these adorable DIY Avengers Superhero Masks.

Your kids will love making this Duck Tape Batmobile, and even better they’ll love playing with their Batmobile afterwards!

Superhero Handprint Crafts

I love handprint craft for both younger and older children, so these handprint crafts would be a great choice when you have a wide age range of children crafting.

Superhero Handprint Cards

The Incredibles Handprint Craft

Hulk Handprint Craft

Superhero Paper Crafts

Kids can create fun superhero crafts with construction paper and these simple and free templates. Your kids can make these superhero characters into puppets for imaginary play, or simply display them around their room.

Save the world with this paper craft ironman!

Or create a strong and virtually immortal Asgardian superhero- Thor.

Maybe your child loves Captain America most? This one is definitely my son’s favorite so far!

How to make a Captain America puppet

My kids adore these Wooden Spoon Superhero puppets.

Here are even more great superhero crafts:

This tutorial from Rural Mom shares several fun and simple fingerprint superheros, including the hulk, spiderman, ironman and more!

If your daughter loves Wonder Woman, this post has ideas for an entire Wonder Woman party, including DIY Wonder Woman cuffs, party crafts, decor, and food!

While we are on Wonder Woman, this Recycled Soda Can Wonder Woman Can actually lights up like a lantern!

This Spiderman Pencil Holder Bottle is a great craft for older elementary and preteen kids.

This DIY Iron Man Soap is a great party favor- and you could easily switch the superhero to match your party theme or kid’s interests!

These Avengers Shoes are absolutely amazing, and really not difficult at all! I think I want to make a pair for myself!

These Incredibles Tattooed Rocks are so cute! Thanks to the template and tutorial, they can be created by kids of all ages!

Don’t forget to make a Star Lord Rock too, while you are at it!

Kids of all ages can make this Iron Man Toliet Paper Roll craft foo.

This DIY Avengers Clipboard is easy to make, and useful too!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Bottle Caps are another fun party craft that won’t need many supplies.

These Superhero Pencil Cases are so easy and cute!

Making these DIY Avengers Infinity Stone Crayons would be a great party activity, or make them ahead of time for party favors.

Infinity Stone Cookies are another great addition to any Avengers party!

What kids’ party could be complete without slime? Try this Jack Jack Slime or this Iron Man Slime for your next superhero themed playdate or party!

With these 35 cute & clever superhero crafts and activities, your superhero kids are sure to be happy and busy for a long time!

If your kids are younger, check out these Incredible Superhero Crafts for Preschoolers.

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