Unicorn Bookmark Craft

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You unicorn loving little girls will love this adorable unicorn bookmark craft.

Print out the free printable template so your girls can learn how to make a unicorn bookmark for their favorite books.

Choosing different colored papers each time she creates a new unicorn bookmark will allow your child to make many different unicorn bookmarks.

Unicorn Bookmark Craft


  • Colored paper (construction paper or cardstock works well)
  • Template
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Black sharpie 
  • Gold glitter glue (optional)


Choose a white or light colored paper for the unicorn’s profile. Then choose different colored papers for the rest of the unicorn pieces. Trace the template on the papers you’ve chosen, and cut the pieces out with scissors. 

Gather the unicorn hair pieces. The 2 smaller pieces will make the unicorn’s bangs, while the 3 longer pieces will be the longer mane on her neck.

Glue to two small bang pieces together, and then glue the three longer mane pieces together as shown below.

Glue the unicorn’s horn on her profile. Then glue the tiny triangle onto the unicorn’s ear.

Glue the unicorn’s hair on her head as shown below. 

Use a black marker or get pen to draw the face on your unicorn. An example you can follow is below. Or get creative and make up your own face details.

Optional- use glitter glue to make your unicorn’s horn glitter. You can also add a small pink circle, either with a marker or with a small piece of paper, to give your unicorn a rosy cheek.

Glue the head onto a bookmark. Either use a long strip of cardstock, or a popsicle craft stick will work.

Allow the glue to dry.

Now, go get your favorite unicorn book and place your unicorn bookmark inside.

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