Thor Bookmark Craft

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Make this fun Superhero craft Thor Bookmark today to encourage kids to read a good book this summer.

make a thor bookmark

This Thor Craft is really simple to make, thanks to the free printable template and easy to follow instructions you’ll find below.

Make even more Avengers crafts to keep your superhero loving kids busy and occupied this summer.

thor bookmark craft

How to make a Thor Bookmark


  • Colored craft papers
  • Marker
  • Craft glue
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Template


Print out the Thor craft template, then cut out all of the bookmark pattern pieces.

Select the required colored craft papers for the Thor bookmark.

Select a colored craft paper for the skin tone and trace the head and body base on that paper. Trace the hair pattern on yellow paper, the cape pattern on red paper, trace the vest-buttons, helmet patterns, boots and the belt patterns on grey paper; trace the costume pattern on dark blue colored craft paper.

Cut out all of the traced pieces. 

Glue the button cutouts and the belt cutout onto the costume piece.

Attach the boot cutouts on the legs.

Glue the wing cutouts on either side of the helmet pattern.

Attach the costume pattern onto the body. 

Take the hair cutout and cut a slit along the yellow line.

Insert the top end of the head cutout through the slit from below, securing the head onto the hair with a little glue.

Use a marker or gel pen to draw the eyes, nose and mouth onto Thor.

Glue the helmet piece on the top of the head.

Use a marker to trace outline around the helmet pattern.

Attach the head onto Thor’s body.

Glue the cape on the backof the Thor bookmark.

Attach the hammer pieces together.

Draw hammer details on the grey piece.

To use the Thor papercraft figure as a bookmark, you will need to cut slits between the arms and the body.

Be careful not to cut the arms off, they should be attached to the body on the top by about a centimeter.

Thor craft for kids

Now, we can use Thor as bookmark by sliding a page under the arms’ slits. 

Now that you’ve made a Thor bookmark, be sure to make a Mighty Thor bookmark to go with it!

Thor and She-Thor craft

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This Thor craft can continue your Thor crafty fun too.

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