Ironman Craft for Kids

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When it comes to The Avengers, Ironman is a favorite! Your Ironman fans will love creating this fun Ironman craft. All you need is a the printable template, colored papers, scissors, and glue.

Make your own Ironman with this fun and easy Avengers craft for kids.

How to make Ironman


  • Colored paper in red, yellow, and white.
  • Craft glue
  • Black pen or marker
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Template


Print out and cut out the Ironman template.

Trace the template patterns onto the correct colored papers, then cut all of the pieces out.  

Glue the red boots onto the bottom of the yellow body piece.

Glue the red gloves onto the yellow arms as shown below. Then glue the white circles to the middle of the gloves.

Glue the eye pieces to the yellow helmet face piece.

Glue the red shorts onto the yellow body.

Glue the yellow mouth piece to the red helmet piece.

Glue the red upper arm to the lower arms.

Glue the big white circle in the middle of the red chest piece.

Glue the chest piece too the yellow body.

Glue the helmet face piece onto the larger red helmet piece.

Glue Ironman’s head to his body.

Glue Ironman’s arms to his body, attaching them behind his shoulders.

Use a black pen or marker to trace outlines around the details of Ironman to give it a nice and finished look. See below for placement of lines.

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