Felt Peacock Ornament Craft

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You can’t go wrong with a fun peacock craft! This peacock felt ornament is perfect for kids and adults to sew. Thanks to the free pattern and step by step instructions every crafter- young, old, beginner or advanced – can create this beautiful peacock felt craft.

This felt peacock ornament makes a great Christmas tree ornament, but it can also be used for so many other things!

Add several of these peacock ornaments in slightly different color schemes to a garland for a beautiful decoration!

Or add a keychain or clip in place of the ribbon loop for a fun backpack ornament or keychain.

How to make a Felt Peacock Ornament

List of Supplies:

  • Colored felt fabrics
  • Small seed beads
  • Marker or Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Matching thread
  • Template


Download and print the peacock ornament template. Cut out all of the pattern pieces.

Select colored felt fabrics for the felt peacock pattern.

Trace the template pieces on the selected felts and cut them out using a pair of scissors.  

Place the small tail feather base on the top of the big one.

Place the teardrop cutouts on the small tail feather base, keeping the pointy ends facing the top of the tail as shown below.

Prepare a needle with thread matching the teardrop shapes. Stitch around each teardrop shape, stitching through both tail bases to join all the pieces together.

Continue stitching the teardrop shapes to the tail bases until all are secured together.

Stitch a bead or 2 on each of the teardrop shapes to add more details. When you finish stitching your beads, keep the thread attached to the tail, and set the tail piece aside.

Next, add details to the peacocks face.

*You’ll need a second needle for this part, so you can leave the first needle attached to the peacock’s tail.

Use a light thread (we used light brown) to stitch the eyes onto the peacock’s face.

Use an orange thread to stitch the beak on to the peacock cutout. 

Next, pick up the tail piece.

Poke the needle from the back of the tail, through the middle to bring it (and the attached thread) to the front of the tail.

Place the plain peacock body base in the middle of the tail feather base. Pull the needle through the body base and work a few stitches to connect it to the feather base.

Place the 2 leg cutouts along the bottom edge of the plain peacock body.

Place the stitched peacock body base on the top of the plain one, keeping the legs between the layers.

Stitch around the sides to join the 2 body bases together.

Secure the end of the stitch by tying a knot.

Cut a piece of thin ribbon and join the open ends to make a loop.

Attach the ribbon loop on the backside of the felt peacock pattern to make the ornament.

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