Dr. Seuss Craft: Cat in the Hat

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This adorable Cat in the Hat craft, with free printable template is perfect for a Dr. Seuss themed birthday party, or for celebrating Dr. Seuss Day on March 2nd.

Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Craft


  • Colored cardstock paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Black sharpie or gel pen
  • template


Choose red, black and white cardstock papers for the Cat in the Hat. Using the  template make the  shapes as pictured below with the card stock papers.

Take the rectangle and the 4 red strips cutouts to create the hat. Stick the 3 red strips on the white rectangle, keeping even distance between each strip. 

Now stick the longer white strip across the bottom of the rectangle to complete the hat pattern.

Next, create the cat’s head by gluing the small white round circle on the center of the black circle. 

Glue the small black triangle to the head of the cat to create his ears. Then glue the pointy sides of the 2 red triangles onto the small red circle to create a bow. Glue the bow on the bottom side of the head. 

Take the cardstock hat you created earlier, and stick it on the top of the head. Be sure that the ears (triangles) are popped out of the hat. 

Use a black sharpie or black gel pen to draw the face of the cat.

That’s it! Your Cat in the Hat is complete!

How are you celebrating Dr. Seuss day?


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