Art with Paint-by-Number Museum Series Review

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Summer vacation means art, art, and more art at our house. My children love to spend cool mornings and late evenings at our picnic table with art supplies all around them. Art outside where I don’t have to stress about the mess makes Momma happy too!Paint-By-Number

The Paint-by-Number Museum set, including 4 famous masterpieces, was a huge success for my oldest children. The painting set includes 4 canvases – The Eiffel Tower by Georges Seurat, The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh, The Japanese Footbridge by Claude Monet, and the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. Paint-By-NumberEach set also comes with 6 acrylic paints, a paintbrush, and instructions. Rather than including the paint numbers on the canvas, little artists reference the instruction sheet to determine where to paint each color. The instructions sheets also teach how to mix colors to create different shades, and how to use texture and layering on the painting.Paint-By-Number

Children are encouraged to change-up the painting to make it their own. This is a huge plus for perfectionists. Rather than worrying about getting everything perfect, my children embraced mistakes, and even made a few creative changes to their paintings.Paint-By-Number

Not only was the process of painting enjoyable, but my children ended up with finished painting they are proud of. The small canvas size is perfect for displaying on a dresser or table.Paint-By-NumberI have to admit that the art completed at our picnic table often finds its way to the trash can before the week’s end, but that was not the case with this painting set. The finished paintings are beautiful, and the sturdy canvases and real acrylic paint will stand the test of time unlike our normal construction paper and tempera paint products.


This set is recommended for children (and adults) ages 8 and up. My children ages 9 and up completed their painting without any help using the clear and easy to understand instructions included in the art sets. My 7-year-old also completed a painting nearly independently, I just helped her read and understand the instructions.Paint-By-Number

This paint-by-number set goes beyond any we’ve ever used before. Without numbers printed on the canvases to show through the paint, the finished product looks so much better.Paint-By-Number

My children often want to paint, but feel overwhelmed by a blank canvas. This set allows for creativity, while also providing instruction on blending colors and putting paint on canvas. Learning how to layer and add texture is built into these fun sets.Paint-By-Number

Head over to Timberdoodle to pick up this Paint-by-Number Museum set for your children. I know I’ll be buying more for Christmas presents this year!Paint-By-Number


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