On Timing

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Since finding out about this pregnancy, I have been less than enthusiastic about the timing of my due date.  Baby boy is due right in the middle of November.  I do not like holiday babies- it just makes things difficult, both now and in future celebrating.

We spend every Thanksgiving out-of-town with extended family- much of that extended family we only get to see once a year.  There is no way I will be able to take a one week old baby away for Thanksgiving. If he comes a bit early (which isn’t normal for me) and I am physically up to traveling, it’s not smart to expose him to so many people who will want to hold him that young.  How do you tell Great Great Aunts they can’t hold their brand new nephew!?!  And, there is a possibility he won’t even be born by Thanksgiving.  I definitely won’t be traveling hours away from my midwife at 41+ weeks pregnant; especially considering my usually speedy deliveries!

We celebrate birthdays big around here.  And it is just hard to do in the midst of holiday festivities.

My only other boy was due on Christmas Day, and I was equally upset about his timing.  I did not want to spend Christmas in the hospital with  2 toddlers at home away from me!  The amazing thing is that Michael’s birth turned out to be the very best timing possible.  It was such an amazing picture of God knowing the future and doing what is best even when I am pulled along kicking and screaming.  I’ll try to remember to share the details of that story in Michael’s birthday post this year.

Since finding out that this baby would be our second boy and also due near a holiday I have said that God must have something special worked out with the timing of his birth, just like Michael.  I can’t wait to see what baby boy’s story is!

Truthfully, I’m already beginning to see the light, even though I’m still bummed about not traveling this year.  September was packed with outings and adventures, and October’s calendar is even more packed.  At 34 weeks pregnant, I still feel good and energetic, and up to all these wonderful adventures we have planned.  I love spending much of the last trimester really investing my time and energy into fun outings and memory making with my big kids, knowing I will have the urge to hunker down at home for several weeks after baby arrives.  September and October are the perfect time for that!

Come November, as the weather starts to cool down and our opportunities for outings dwindle, I will be ready to spend the last two weeks or so of pregnancy at home, nesting, washing baby clothes, and getting ready for his arrival.  Then he will come, just in time for us to spend cool days cuddled beside our fireplace drinking hot chocolate, secluded from the world as we adjust to being a family of 8.

I’m starting to think that his due date is perfect timing after all!


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